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10 Things Your Baker Needs to Know

April 6th, 2015 by Jeannine

10 Things Your Baker Needs to Know

I’ve compiled a list of 10 important things to know before you head out for the initial consultation with your potential wedding cake baker. It will help make the entire process efficient and easy, allowing you more time savoring the delicious sweets.

  1. Guest count: You need to know how much to order!
  2. Design preference: Do you want a pattern like swirls or dots, or do you want a simple fondant cake accentuated by flowers, ribbon, or a cake topper? Maybe you want buttercream instead of fondant for a nice textured look or perhaps something completely out of the box, like what you see on Ace of Cakes or Cake Boss? Rather than coming to a consultation unprepared, look through your baker’s portfolio and other online resources and figure out what style of cake you prefer. Just remember that the more complicated the cake, the higher the price!
  3. Flavour: What flavours do you and your fiancĂ© like? Whether you like light & fruity or chocolate decadence, be sure to let your baker know which flavours you want to try before your consultation. If you are getting a multi-tiered cake, ask if you can have different flavours for each tier (and if there will be an extra cost). If you have a specific flavour in mind, don’t hesitate to ask because the worst they can say is no. Don’t forget to compromise with your hubby-to-be on the cake flavour! It’s his cake too ;)
  4. Budget: Tell your baker what your maximum amount is so they can immediately tell you what will work and what won’t. They will be able to give you suggestions on how to get what you want within your budget and will be honest if you’re in way over your head.
  5. Allergies: If you or your guests have any dietary restrictions, make sure the baker knows, otherwise it will be a good idea to have a backup dessert for those who can’t have cake.
  6. Conditions of the Reception Area: If your reception is outdoors during the summer, a buttercream iced cake may not be the best idea. Let your baker know so they can tell you if storing your cake there for a long period of time will be a problem.
  7. Setup Time: Chances are, your cake won’t be the only delivery your baker will be making on that day so to make coordination and delivery easier, let your baker know how early he/she can bring your cake over to the venue.
  8. Cake stand: Find out if your baker has stands they can rent out. Let them know if you’re looking for something specific and perhaps they can outsource it for you or you can just provide it yourself.
  9. Freezing Procedures: If you will be freezing your top tier for your 1st wedding anniversary, ask your baker if they have any special instructions on how to freeze their cake. I do have a guideline here but other bakers may want you to do it differently so it’s best to ask the pro!
  10. Changes: If there are any changes in guest count, flavour, design, anything at all, it’s important to let them know ahead of time rather than at the last minute. Bakers will have a deadline for when changes need to be made so be sure to ask them what it is.

Tell me… what kind of wedding cake will you be going with?

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  • April 27th, 2015 at 4:22 pm
    Heather says:

    Something I get asked about is gluten free or vegan options. The fact is, I can bake anything, but there is a minimum order for special requirements. Something else I do for my clients is show them how the cake should be cut, and in some cases, I’ll provide a diagram for the cake cutter. Not all venue staff are experienced in cutting multi tiered large cakes, so in order to ensure the cake is cut properly for the number of servings required, ask your cake vendor to provide a cutting guide


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