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5 Things You Wish Your Guests Knew

May 25th, 2015 by Jeannine

5 Things You Wish Your Guests Knew

You love your friends and family and while some of their actions may have good intentions behind them, sometimes you wish they had approached it another way. Here are 5 of them.

Don’t assume you can add extra guests to your RSVP.

Pay attention to what it says on the invitation. If it only mentions your name, you are the only one invited. If it mentions “+1″ or “and guest” or something similar, that’s your cue to bring a date. Sometimes it will also be indicated if the couple wants an adults only affair. Don’t be offended if you’re not allowed to bring a guest. Chances are, they have a good reason for it, like financial or venue space constraints. Consider it an honour just to be invited.

Don’t get in the way of the photographer and videographer.

In the age of photo sharing on social media, your wedding will probably trend on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook that day. That’s good and all but if someone’s stray arm and cell phone gets in the shot of your hired photographers and videographers, it ruins the photos… Photos that the couple paid good money for. So as a guest, if you must take photos, try to do it discreetly from your seat so you don’t get in the way. Brides and grooms can also have their MC or officiant make an announcement so that the guests will know not to do it.

If you have doubts, ask!

If you have questions regarding the event, from parking, to dress code, to gifts, by all means, ask the couple. Don’t assume. You’ll get the straight answers from them.

Be prepared to wait between the ceremony and reception.

It’s quite common, especially if you have a church wedding, for a gap to exist between the ceremony and reception. Be prepared to kill some time. If it will be just too inconvenient and you can only make it to one and not the other, do tell the couple and send your regrets for the part of the wedding you will miss. Also, be sure to do this in a timely fashion so they can alert their venue and not get charged for extra meals. It’s just common courtesy.

Mind your manners.

Don’t complain or criticize the bride and groom’s choices. It’s their day and there’s a reason why these chose certain things, it could be sentimental or practical. Either way, keep your comments to yourself so as not to hurt their feelings. After all, you were special enough to the couple to be invited.

What do you wish your guests knew?

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