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Ask the Pros: What to Do if the Ring Isn’t Right

October 19th, 2016 by Jeannine

Ask the Pros: What to Do if the Ring Isn't Right

Tradition is changing. It’s become more common for couples to shop for engagement rings together so that they will be on the same page… ring-wise. Most of the time, the right ring is purchased and everyone is happy. However there is still that small percentage where maybe it wasn’t quite right. What does this mean? Did you just spend a lot of money and are now hooped? Or can something still be done? Before purchasing, you should ask your jeweler what the options are should a situation like this occurs. I did just that and asked Deena Minichiello of Minichiello Jewellers for her expertise. This family-owned downtown business has been creating beautiful jewelry for Vancouverites since 1958. I have dealt with them both as a client and from past articles (here and here) so I figured they will be able to answer my questions about this potentially awkward topic.

Minichiello Jewellers - photo by Jasalyn Thorne Photography

In your experience, how often do brides end up not liking their engagement ring?

Deena: “Luckily, it is not often that brides do not like their engagement ring. If I had to put a number to it, I would say around 5% of brides come back for a redesign.  And even that number could be generous. We always try our best to get as much information as possible from our customers to ensure that they are making the right decision.”

Minichiello Jewellers

What advice would you give to people so they can get it right the first time without ruining the surprise?

Deena: “To get it right the first time, do your research.  There are so many great sites out there where you can find a ton of information in regards to engagement ring styles, designs and preferences. Pinterest is a perfect place to start as so many girls have inspiration boards that most definitely include engagement rings. I don’t know many single girls who haven’t included a ring or two, or ten on her board! Family and friends can also be a great help, if they promise to keep the big secret safe. Typically a sister, mother, or best friend can help lead you in the right direction and may even offer you their help during the ring selection process.”

Use social media to your advantage. Follow your jeweler’s Facebook page or Instagram page and if they’re very active, you’ll definitely see a variety of rings that you can quickly ask your partner’s opinion about. Show them a photo and flat out ask them what they like and don’t like about it and make a mental note… or subtly leave the photo out and wait for a reaction… :P But, better safe than sorry if you’re really undecided. Minichiello’s Instagram page is pretty awesome for this. I am not engaged but am definitely seeing so many possibilities for the future ;)

If someone is unsure, how do you approach the situation so you can recommend a certain cut?

Minichiello Jewellers Deena: “If someone is unsure of what style and shape is the right choice, we try to ask as many questions as possible to lead them in the right direction. Important questions include: How would you describe the future bride’s personal style? Would you describe her as a modern, trendy, conservative or classic kind of girl? What type of jewellery does she wear currently and what would you find in her jewellery box? What does she do for a living and how active is her lifestyle? Answers to these questions are very telling and usually help narrow down our large selection of engagement ring styles.”

To be safe, Deena recommends the go-to option of a round brilliant cut diamond solitaire ring. It’s a classic, simple design that will never go out of style, not to mention the high sparkle factor of the cut. You can’t beat that.

If for some reason the bride still doesn’t like the ring, what options does she have? Is this common practice among other jewelry shops?

Deena: “If the bride is not thrilled with the ring she is given, we absolutely help her make the necessary changes to get it right. It is really important to us that every bride has a ring on her finger that she is madly in love with. The engagement ring is the most meaningful and intimate jewellery purchase a person will ever make so we try very hard to make sure every bride and groom is completely satisfied.  in order to help in this situation.”

Minichiello Jewellers

If a ring has been bought online, do you know if the return policy is as good as in store?

Deena: “Online jewellery purchases should have a good return policy but it really depends on who you are purchasing from. You have to be very careful and do your research before buying online as there are so many small details and quality characteristics of diamonds that really need to be seen in person.”

Buying online is such a convenience but in my opinion, it lacks the personal service that going to a shop provides. Not only will you be able to have your questions answered on the spot, you will also be able to physically examine what you are buying. With online, you’re trusting the products the vendor provides and if it arrives with a flaw, it may be a hassle to return. It’s something to consider when it’s time to start shopping.

Hope these answers helped you out. I definitely learned something. Thank you Deena for all your great advice. If you’d like to learn more about Minichiello Jewellers, you can visit their social media channels below:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

All photos provided by Minichiello Jewellers, feature photo by Cliff Ma Photography, product shot of ring by Jasalyn Thorne Photography, all others are from Minichiello Jeweller’s Instagram page.

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