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Building a Better Relationship With Your Florist

March 6th, 2013 by Jeannine

Building a Better Relationship With Your Florist

As with my previous “Building a Better Relationship” series of articles… I’ve decided to seek out some local florists to find out what you can do to help strengthen your business relationship. The client-florist relationship must be a strong one, with lots of trust, because flowers play a major role in terms of your decor and usually you don’t get to see the final product until the Big Day. Here are a few things that will help make the planning process easier for both parties…

Research First

Bust out your wedding magazines or spend some time perusing florists’ websites, wedding blogs, and even Pinterest to figure out what kind of bouquets and arrangements you like. Are you the traditional red rose bride or do you want something funky and unique with exotic flowers? Figure out which flowers and colours catch your eye and make a list to show to your florist. After seeing what you like they can figure out if it will be feasible with your budget or not. If you don’t know what flowers you want, at least have an idea of what your theme will be. Florists can generate ideas from what your wedding is going to be like and they will be happy to show you what flowers they think will suit your event. Your florist will definitely appreciate the research you’ve done.

Set a Budget

Before you talk to a florist, sit down and figure out how much you really want to spend on flowers. Find out what your bottom line is and present that to your florist so they can give you an accurate quote. Once you’re in the ballpark, you can always discuss any budget tweaks as long as enough time is given before the wedding day.

Compare Prices the Right Way

If you’re planning on shopping around and comparing prices ensure that each vendor is working off of the exact same bouquet. For example, say you want a rose bouquet… include details like quantity, type, embellishments, hand-tied or not… that way each vendor can give you an accurate response. Roses come in many different varieties and some of them may be more expensive than others. Or some florists may think “a bouquet” means 12 stems, while others think it’s 10. Either way, it’s best to be as clear as you can to avoid getting the wrong impression from your potential florists.

Be Flexible

Florists are at the mercy of the growers so understand that sometimes the flowers you want may not be available. For example, peonies are elegant and gorgeous but they may be harder to obtain in the fall. If you push for it, you’ll risk having to pay extra because they’re not in season. They recommend that you have a list of flowers that you prefer but be open minded to other flower choices, especially those that are in season. Your florist can give you suggestions of similar flowers in the colours and price you want, but will of course do their best to incorporate your first choices.


Communicate your ideas clearly so there is no confusion. If there’s something you absolutely don’t like, let them know. Show examples of what you mean, a picture is worth a thousand words after all! Do whatever it takes to be clear so both of you are on the same page.

Trust your florist

Like I mentioned earlier, you generally won’t see how your flowers will turn out until the day itself so it’s very important for you to trust in your florist’s skills and abilities. Go over notes, email conversations, voice any concerns that you may have, make sure you are both on the same page, and then just relax and worry about other pressing matters. You hired your florist for a reason so now it’s time to let them do their job.

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