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Analyzing the Bathroom Basket

December 16th, 2013 by Jeannine

Bathroom Basket

I love the idea of bathroom baskets, it’s a simple way of making your guests feel more comfortable at your wedding. Imagine if someone had a splitting headache or maybe stained a shirt, they can avail themselves to an aspirin or a stain remover you’ve provided for them so they can get back to enjoying the party. It’s brilliant! While I was putting mine together I searched online at various websites and noticed there were some pretty long lists, a lot of which you really don’t need. Here’s what I think:

Breath mints/Breath strips/Chewing Gum - just choose one, you don’t need all 3
Cough Candies
Dental Flossif you have toothpicks, you don’t need this
Finger toothbrusheshow often do these really get used?
Brush or comb
Small scissors
Nail Clippers – in case of broken nails
Emery Board - in case of broken nails
Eyeglass repair kitnice to have but definitely optional, it’s cheaper to take a chance…
Contact lens solution
Deodorantthe point is to wear deodorant before you leave the house, no?
Q-tipsI’m on the fence about this one, but leaning towards you don’t really need it.
Sunscreen – depends on the venue, but again, it’s normally put on before you leave the house
Bug Spray - depends on the venue
Safety pins
Sewing Kittake a chance and leave this at home but make sure you have one in your own emergency kit
Lint Brush
Stain remover
Hand Lotion
Hand Sanitizer/Moist Wipes – either one is fine
Pocket Pack of Facial Tissue
First Aid Kit
Headache/pain relief - just get the small tubes or grab a handful from your own stash at home and put in a small container
Antacid/Indigestion relief
Matchbooks – I was wondering why this was part of the list…
AA or AAA batteries - another I’m on the fence about… if you can afford it, it’s a nice gesture, and you can use it after.
Bottled Water – There should be some at the restaurant…

Women’s Products:
Bobby Pins
Hair Spray, mousse, or gelhair spray, I understand, but mousse or gel? Don’t need it :)
Hair Ties (elastic, scrunchy)
Compact mirrorbut there’s already a mirror in the bathroom!
Tampons/pads/pantyliners – either one should be fine
Earring backsanother I’ll take a chance on not having
Blotting papersnice to have but not necessary
Clear nail polish
Nylonsanother that people probably won’t use

Where do you buy all this stuff?

Dollar stores! Drug stores, especially if there are sales or coupons! So you’re not loading up on cheap quality stuff, you can always splurge a bit on items that you can use afterwards. Don’t overbuy. You really can’t fit everything in this list in a small basket so figure out what you need the most :) Your guests will love you for this. Don’t forget to make a basket for the guys and the gals.

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  • July 23rd, 2014 at 3:03 pm
    e-m. says:

    Great idea and thorough list!

    Q-tips could come in handy for delicately fixing makeup smudges. Deodorant: you never know when someone will forget to put some on before leaving the house, in all their excitement! It happens. Matches: I suspect they are there for bathroom etiquette purposes so guests can ‘light a match’ to clear the air. Couldn’t hurt ;)


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