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Spring Blossoms

April 11th, 2012 by Jeannine

Spring Blossoms

Spring is here, love is in the air, and it’s time for the wedding season to start. New flowers start to bloom at this time of year so Vancity Vendor Justyna Seckler of Just Fresh Concepts is back with her recommendations for flowers you can use for your spring wedding, which won’t break your budget.

“For me every season is filled with inspiration.  The spring surrounds us with comforting flowers, beautiful colours and a feeling of new beginnings. The possibilities for flowers this season are nearly endless which makes it challenging for me to select my favorites.  After narrowing my list down, my top three recommendations for the spring would be tulips, stock and peonies.

I love all styles and colours but as most know I have a special place in my heart for vintage.  I strongly feel that tulips provide a delicate vintage touch.  They are also extremely elegant and cost effective.  They are grown in many colours and you see them everywhere in the spring.  They can be combined with just about any flower and although quite delicate they make a powerful statement.

I love working with stock.  When seen on it’s own, stock does not always look very attractive.  However when used in the right way and with the right combination of flowers it makes a tremendous impact.  It’s a perfect filler flower, adds texture and comes in lovely distinctive pinks, purple, lavender, white and a beautiful cream.  It pairs nicely with any set of flowers and is quite inexpensive.

Lastly, peonies are my third pick for the spring.  They are distinctly more expensive than tulips and stock, but because they are only with us briefly, I love using them!  They are a stunning, delicate flower and need to be handled properly, but they work with every style and are always recognized for their beauty.”

Thank you Justyna for once again sharing your expertise. This Vancity Vendor has recently expanded into decor as well! Visit her website to see what new things she has to offer, and have a look at her blog for more floral and decor inspiration. Looking forward to summer… come back in a few months to find out what her picks will be!

Read Justyna’s Fall & Winter Flower recommendations or find out more about her here.

All photos provided by Just Fresh Concepts

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