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Bridal Buyer Beware

April 12th, 2011 by Jeannine


We all know there are countless websites selling anything related to weddings. When I was planning our wedding, I wanted some Chinese take-out boxes and I found some decently priced ones at this specific site. I ordered them and days later, my credit card was charged but didn’t receive any confirmation whether it got shipped or not. I decided to email them but I never got a response. They had a phone number on their website and, to my surprise, it was a disconnected number! I quickly went to the Better Business Bureau website and found out about their failing grade and that I wasn’t the first person this happened to. I quickly called VISA to try and reverse the charge and they asked me to fill out a detailed report so they can contact the seller. Thankfully the payment was refunded on Paypal and I never went back to that site again.

Any bride can easily be swayed by cheap prices, but it’s important to be very careful about where you are buying products from. This site I bought from didn’t look questionable, I really thought it was a reputable business.  Here are some questions to consider before hitting the checkout button:

  • Are they registered with the BBB and received a passing grade?
  • Is this a well-known vendor?
  • Are there reviews or references, not from within the same website?
  • Are they recommended by a reputable company or person?
  • Do they have contact information, and do you get a proper reply?

If you answered mostly no’s then caution must be used.

My Advice

Try to only buy from vendors you’ve heard good things about, through reviews or word of mouth. It can save you the headache of trying to get your money back when you already have so much to deal with. Be wary of testimonials from within the company website, that can easily be fake. Google and discussion forums will be your friends in your research.  If you do get scammed, don’t panic! Try to contact the vendor first, through phone or email, and document it just in case. If that doesn’t work, contact paypal or your credit card company and report the incident. Hopefully, the issue will eventually be resolved.

Shop smart, everyone, and good luck with the rest of your planning!

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