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Boudoir Attire on a Budget

January 16th, 2013 by Jeannine

Boudoir Attire on a Budget

Valentine’s Day is coming up and you’ve decided to book a boudoir shoot… good for you! Now that you’ve conquered that first hurdle, it’s time to figure out the right outfit. Let’s face it ladies… not everyone has the budget for Agent Provocateur, so I’ve got a few ideas you can get for cheap (or free!) but will still make you look hot for your shoot.

Don’t buy clothes… use his

Bring in something he normally wears like his work shirt, tie or even his favourite hat! If he’s a sports fan, borrow his favourite jersey.

Use what you’ve got

Have a series of shots taken in your favourite dress or outfit, striptease style!

Or something casual can be quite sexy too!

Get the right underwear

The right pair of lacy booty shorts or a thong doesn’t cost much compared to a full lingerie set and you can easily wear them again and again.

Double duty wedding accessories

Wedding accessories like veils and garters are often just used once so make the most of them and have them at your shoot too. Whether it be a long veil or a birdcage veil, either will look great for a bridal boudoir shoot. Your cute garter will add some sexy playfulness to your look. And of course the shoes… if you bought some hot stilettos for your wedding day, wear them! They’ll make your legs look longer!

Who needs clothes?

Make good use of the bedsheets and use them to cover you up…

Or not!

If you’re set on buying a new outfit, check out La Senza or even H&M for some affordable options. Preview the line on their websites but try before you buy! Make sure the lingerie fits your body well, it’s supposed to make you feel beautiful, sexy and confident. When you’re confident, it really translates well in photos :) Have a great shoot!

All photos courtesy Jennifer Williams Boudoir Studio

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