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The Perfect Proposal… On a Budget

January 20th, 2014 by Jeannine

The Perfect Proposal... On a Budget

It’s what every woman dreams about… aside from her wedding of course! How will her boyfriend propose? You hear proposal stories everywhere, each one more romantic or grander than the last. It seems like the pressure is on your guy to plan something that will become the talk of the town so I sought the advice of an expert in proposals and weddings… Stephanie Reitsma of Sweetheart Events. She is passionate in educating men on the art of popping the question and offers planning services just for that, and when the bride-to-be says yes, she can also help you plan your wedding too!

Stephanie Reitsma - photo by KUNIOO

These days, when you think of proposals, the first things that come to mind are those viral videos with flash mobs, helicopters, fake movie trailers, etc. Stephanie says that most of her clients are now focusing on proposals with a wow factor, with romance tied in. But is there a way to have it all without shelling out a lot of cash?

Sweetheart Events - photo by KUNIOO

Stephanie: “I agree that social media is setting the bar high with the latest proposals going viral. That being said, you don’t need the horse carriage ride around the park, a sky written message or the flash mob in front of hundreds to pop the question. Sure the bells and whistles are fun but they are not a requirement to wow her.

 My advice is to hire a professional photographer to capture the proposal.  Stay calm, remember why you are asking and enjoy this moment! It is just as much for you as it is for her. Whether you re-create your first date at home with the wine and an entrée you had that night, stage a scene from her favourite movie or organize a scavenger hunt covering your top 10 moments you have shared. Remember to relax; she will sense something is off if you are extremely nervous. Your sweetheart will be wowed by the effort you put in and how you personalized the proposal itself regardless of the price tag.”

Sweetheart Events - photo by KUNIOO

 To help set the mood, Stephanie says to break out the candles, photos, keepsakes from your relationship, or even a handwritten note sharing your feelings and emotions. With a very low price tag (only if you need to buy candles – which you can get at the dollar store or Ikea) and high sentimental value, these are sure to impress and surprise her. And remember…

Stephanie: “Champagne is always a must to pop after she says Yes! Try Prosecco- a sparkling wine alternative that is light-bodied with fruity aromas. It will not disappoint.”

So you heard it right here… you don’t need all that splash to pop the question, but this is hopefully a once in a lifetime thing, so make it count!

Stephanie:”My advice for men…or women is that this is the one story that will be retold for a lifetime so why not put in the extra effort and make sure it is one you will remember. Don’t rush into it and make sure she too is ready for this commitment. Practice, practice, practice and don’t forget the ring!”

Sweetheart Events - photo by KUNIOO

A Few Words With Stephanie…

What was your favourite proposal you’ve planned for a couple?
My favourite proposal I’ve planned for a couple so far would be Dan and Marielle’s proposal at The Capilano Suspension Bridge in North Vancouver. Dan is a very busy man that had found his sweetheart but required the assistance in crafting the perfect proposal. He knew that he wanted it to be in a special location that had significance, have their best friends involved and to really surprise her as she knew the ring was coming. After hearing their love story and hearing about one of Dan’s favourite dates they shared at the park I immediately began crafting a proposal story that was true to them. Without hesitation, we hired Kunioo for photo and video to capture the moment. Together Dan and I coordinated a plan that would completely surprise Marielle.

Sweetheart Events - photo by KUNIOO

On the day of the proposal, the couple arrived with their best friends for a casual Sunday at the park. Soon after arriving Dan faked a washroom break where he secretly taped a special message for Marielle. Together they walked through the Treetop Adventures to catch up with their friends to find them holding a hand painted, “Will you marry me?” sign. Dan got down on one knee and Marielle said Yes! The couple and their friends celebrated with loved ones at their favourite restaurant for a secret engagement party. Dan and Marielle’s love story continued last weekend where they got married at The Pinnacle Hotel at the Pier in North Vancouver.  Congratulations!”

Sweetheart Events // Dan and Mar’s Proposal Film from Kunioo on Vimeo.

What is your favourite YouTube proposal and why? Do you think some YouTube proposals would be easy/cheap to duplicate?
My favourite YouTube proposal is Making the Movies Jealous starring Matt and Ginny. I’m sure you have seen it! I love it because it is has it all: romance, tradition of asking permission by her father, sentimental locations, incorporating loved ones, the ultimate surprise and a flawless execution. I never finish it with dry eyes.

Depending on the proposal you are inspired by it can be affordable and duplicated. Choreograph a flash mob dance with your friends, book the small movie theater in your condo building for a private showing or check out Groupon for exciting and thrilling adventures at a discount. Be inspired by the idea and make it your own!”

Thank you Stephanie for sharing your insight. If you’re interested in hiring her to help you surprise your future fiancé, visit her website, be a fan on Facebook, and follow her on Twitter. I’ve also got advice on how to buy an engagement ring on a budget… you can check that out here.

All photos and video provided by Stephanie Reitsma and courtesy KUNIOO (except the Youtube video at the bottom)

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