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Choosing Chair Covers

December 14th, 2011 by Jeannine

Choosing Chair Covers

What’s the easiest way to transform a room? Ask a decorator and more often than not, the answer would be chair covers. Every wedding is different and the banquet chairs at your venue may not be ideal for your wedding. A chair cover creates a blank canvas so you are able to change the look of a chair to match your colour scheme, but there’s more to chair covers than you think! I decided to have a chat with Lenora Ruggieri, owner of Coveted Covers.

Her company name speaks for itself, Coveted Covers specializes in chair covers. In 2003, she started off with 4 kinds of sashes and a few hundred covers, but 8 years later, her inventory grew to include almost 50 different kinds of sashes, thousands of chair covers in a variety of patterns, as well as table linens and runners. She even had some chair covers made especially for banquet chairs in Asian restaurants, which have a tall and slim back. She takes pride in her well-kept products and great customer service. She even meets up with clients at the venue itself so brides can see firsthand how the covers will look in the room. No doubt, Lenora is the right person to ask about this aspect of wedding planning. She says there are many types of chair covers to choose from. The most common are the standard white polyester chair covers, but for a more upscale look with some texture and sheen, pintuck taffetta chair covers also makes for a great choice. Patterns like damask and satin stripes are also available, but according to Lenora, the popular choice right now is the wrap chair cover.

A wrap chair cover fits over a chair like a pillowcase, which is then gathered and tied in the back. This type of chair cover can fit most chairs, even folding chairs, chairs with wider backs or taller ones. It usually comes in a solid colour but Lenora says tying a sash around a wrap style cover will add a nice splash of colour. As for pricing, it really depends on the company you use. Certain fabrics and styles may be more expensive than the standard polyester but at Coveted Covers, Lenora charges the same price for any cover and any sash. Sashes come in a few fabrics like organza, pintuck taffetta and satin, and there countless colours to choose from. There are also certain ways to tie sashes, and Lenora says it depends on the fabric. Bows are common but may not be as popular anymore but Lenora says there are other, more modern ways of tying sashes, like these:

For Organza Sashes…

For Satin Sashes…

Lenora also showed me a side tie that works for organza sashes. It looks like this.

You can even add rhinestone buckles and other adornments like flowers to spruce it up even more, which may cost extra of course for materials and labour.

So what should you look for in a chair cover vendor? Lenora has some advice on how you can find the right vendor for you…

“I think reputation is really important. You want to go on their website and look at previous events they’ve done because that’s really gonna resemble how they’re gonna set up for you. Go look at their products if you haven’t gotten a recommendation from someone else so you can see exactly what kind of chair cover you’re getting, the quality of it, how clean it is, is it pressed every single time? Because the last thing you want on your wedding is to come in and have dirty, stained chair covers that your guests are sitting on. I also would get recommendations from your venue, for people they have worked with before so they know that they’re reliable, that they show up on time or at all!”

Lenora also stresses that you check the vendor’s portfolio for consistency. Did the company set up the sashes the same height as the rest? Do they take a lot of care in how they set up? What’s also important is to make sure they will be able to complete the job on time. Ask how many people will be setting up and taking down your venue and how long it will take. Last but not least, hire a company you’re comfortable with and trust completely to do the job right. But what about for brides on a budget, are chair covers worth the investment? Lenora says…

“They totally transform the look of the room, they really do. You don’t need to spend a lot on the ceiling draping or the walls or the backdrop, but by changing the chairs, we’ll completely change that. And instead of table linens, let’s just do a table runner. I can put a sash on a table for $3 a table.”

Another option is to rent the chair covers and sashes without setup and tear down to bring the cost down. Ask your vendor if that option is available. At Coveted Covers, Lenora says they can accommodate that request.

I’d like to thank Lenora again for sharing her knowledge with us. Check out her website and inquire about her services. She has a big inventory, which is always expanding to keep up with the latest trends.

What’s your take? Are you sold on chair covers, would you rent different chairs, or would you make do with that the venue has to offer?

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Headshot and product photos courtesy Butter Studios and Vancity Bride
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