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Coping With Mother Nature’s Surprises

September 4th, 2015 by Jeannine

Coping With Mother Nature's Surprises

Last weekend’s wild weather was every bride and groom’s nightmare. Not only did they have to contend with heavy rain and raging winds, trees have fallen all over the place, blocking streets, causing traffic and worst of all, landing on power lines which resulted in widespread power outages all throughout Metro Vancouver. The show must go on though, as it was the last weekend of August which meant that weddings were still booked and had to carry on. I attended one such wedding on Saturday, my good friend Karen was marrying the love of her life, Steven, in West Vancouver. Including all the crazy wind and rain they had to endure, when they arrived at their venue, there was no power. It was stressful to say the least but I was impressed by how everyone worked so hard in order to make things happen and how the newlyweds made the most of a bad situation and still enjoyed their wedding day. After all, they did get married and it was as sweet as it could’ve been even without the lights on.

It’s very important to remember to keep your cool at times like this and to trust those you’ve hired to make things happen. The venue’s kitchen staff faced a big challenge in creating a buffet spread without a fully functional kitchen, so what did they do? Fire up the grill. If you had no idea what the situation was, you wouldn’t think there was anything wrong. The food was still amazing and I think people still enjoyed their meal and had a lot to eat. I did, anyway! The ceremony was moved from outdoors to indoors, naturally… but they still needed power for at least some music. The venue had a generator but it wasn’t enough. Their DJ (Mark from Skylines Mobile) went to Home Depot to source another one out. This allowed for some light in the buffet room plus functional audio equipment for the officiant as well as music for the ceremony and reception. The evening was expedited into a shorter programme because we were asked to vacate the premises by 8PM before it got too dark (for safety reasons). The wedding coordinators (Leo & his team from WISH Events) worked hard with the emcee to create a shorter schedule and keep the flow of the evening going. Unfortunately there wasn’t any time for the slideshow, table games and bouquet/garter tosses but they managed to include what’s most important, all the speeches and the cake cutting ceremony. Everyone still enjoyed cocktail hour and dinner as well. With all the candles and dim lighting, it added an air of romance to it all, which was quite nice. The photo/video team (Pure White StudioVancity Vendor) set up their own lights to help illuminate the head table and I’m sure they had to do some creative things to work around the indoor conditions. No doubt the weather allowed for some dramatic skies during their portrait session earlier… well you can see for yourself that the photos turned out very well. I can’t wait to see the rest of them.

The couple, through it all, had smiles on their faces. It’s as though none of these events have fazed them and really, it shouldn’t have because they had friends, family and vendors working for them who did their best to make the evening happen… and they did. While it wasn’t in ideal circumstances, everyone still showed up, celebrated with them and had a wonderful time. Karen and Steven are grateful for all their vendors who worked so hard into preventing their wedding day from turning into a complete disaster. The only regret was that it was cut short, but fear not, as some of the couple’s friends decided to create an after party at a restaurant who actually had power and could accommodate a large group at short notice. It was a great way to let whatever stress of the day melt away. It reminds me of that FRIENDS episode where Phoebe’s wedding was nearly cancelled because of a snowstorm, but they ended up having the most romantic wedding in the street as the snow was falling. Karen and I are huge fans of FRIENDS and it seems kind of fitting that her wedding was Phoebe-esque.

Karen + Steven - photo by Pure White Studio

So Karen and Steven actually had a good day despite everything that happened. After talking to a few people, I heard that other couples didn’t fare as well. Some weddings were postponed altogether or some weren’t able to serve food. Also, I’m sure you’ve seen this on the news recently. This couple’s tent was blown over by the strong winds, taking with it all their decorations and rentals. Seeing the devastated wedding site was enough to make anyone want to cancel the wedding, but the bride pressed on. I really admired that she didn’t allow an unfortunate situation to get in the way of the main goal of the day… and that was to marry her husband. So take a lesson from this little post. No matter how crazy things are going, feeling angry or frustrated just adds to the stress of it all. Why stress when you can just roll with it and still have the best day of your lives? The worst that could happen is that it will be postponed to another day and yes, some out of town guests may not be able to attend anymore but at least you still get to see them while they’re in town. Things happen, it’s just up to you how you let it affect your life. It doesn’t have to be all bad. In the long run, you’re still marrying your partner and isn’t that all that counts? :)

I have some articles that can help if you’re still a little anxious about possible wedding day disasters. It won’t solve everything but it will at least better prepare you for what could happen. Have a look…

Thank you Karen and Steven for having us at your wedding and sharing your story.

Were you at a wedding last weekend? How did it turn out? Share your own story by leaving a comment below.

Photos provided by and courtesy Pure White Studio

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