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How E-RSVP’s Win Over Traditional RSVP Cards

October 14th, 2015 by Jeannine

How E-RSVP's Win Over Traditional RSVP Cards

The RSVP card is a way guests can tell you if they will be attending your wedding or not. Not only that, it can even contain pertinent information such as your guest’s meal choice. Traditionally, these cards are mailed back but in today’s digital age, RSVP-ing via snail mail seems quite inefficient, not to mention costly. I know it’s not the most formal way to do it but you shouldn’t count out RSVP-ing by phone, text, or email. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against RSVP cards, they are a nice addition to your wedding invitation (sometimes they are even included in your invitation order!) but I don’t think they’re necessary. If you need to cut costs when doing your own invitations, this is an option. Here are my top 3 reasons why I think other RSVP alternatives are better:

  • It’s more convenient for your guests - Almost everyone has a smartphone and access to email. It’s fast and easy. A reply can be as quick as 10 seconds and they won’t have to fill out a card and head to the post office to mail it.
  • It’s cost effective for you- You will save the extra expense on stationery, envelopes, and postage stamps which can quickly add up, not to mention more cutting and DIY work if you’re making your own. There’s also a chance that guests will not mail it back, which means you just spent on something that wasn’t used! If you’re budget conscious, the last thing you want to do is waste money.
  • It’s green – No RSVP cards mean less paper is used, which makes you more environmentally friendly!

Wedding websites often have a secure online RSVP feature so when your guests view your site, they can click a few buttons and ta da! RSVP complete! If your website provider doesn’t have that feature, just include your email address or phone number on the actual invitation or on an RSVP info page on your website. If you are concerned with giving out your email address, opt to create a new email dedicated to weddings. That way, everything you sign up for that’s wedding-related can be sent to that one address and not clog up your personal emails.

No matter what the method, there will always be a few people on your guestlist who will delay RSVP-ing or just completely forget about it. We made it so easy for people to contact us yet we still had to chase after RSVP’s from certain people. Don’t take it personally, it’s an inevitable situation, just roll with it and give them a call, especially when it’s getting close to the due date. Getting instant feedback is better than waiting around for a card to come in the mail, when faced with that situation.

Tell me, how fast do you hope you’ll get RSVP’s back from guests?

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    Yamuna says:

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