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Why Take Engagement Photos?

May 23rd, 2011 by Jeannine

Carol-Ann Photography

It’s becoming more common for couples to have an engagement photoshoot.  At first, you might think, why?  Isn’t that just an extra, unnecessary expense?  Not necessarily because more photographers are now including it when you book one of their packages.  I think it’s a great idea to do them for several reasons:

  • An engagement shoot is a test run of the wedding day photography.  It will be the first time you get to experience working with a photographer and you’ll end up being familiar with how he/she directs you for photos.  When you finally see your pictures, you can tell your photographer what you liked and didn’t like about the camera angles and shots that were used.  This way, it will not be replicated on the wedding day.
  • Engagement photos are useful for lots of DIY crafts for your wedding like invitations, seating charts, guestbooks, slideshow, wedding website, Save the Dates, favour tags, etc. They are also nice just to have around because how often do you get professional shots taken by a photographer?
  • Engagement shoots calm your nerves.  This goes out to all of you camera-shy brides and grooms.  Having an engagement shoot allows you to get used to your very own paparazzi. Honestly, when we did ours, it felt very weird because we weren’t used to being centre of attention, but as time went on, we definitely felt more comfortable, and when you’re comfortable, you look more natural.  It was definitely nice to have a preview of what’s to come.

If you do choose to have an engagement shoot, wear something nice! It isn’t necessary to dress to the nines, but at least wear flattering colours and outfits, and of course, be yourself. You can be as casual (matching or rival hockey jerseys) or as formal (suit and pretty dress) as you want… Just don’t forget to smile!


All Photos Courtesy Carol-Ann Photography

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