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My Favourite Practical Favors

July 20th, 2011 by Jeannine

Wedding Favor

I’ve never been a fan of trinkets as favors. They’ll just end up gathering dust on a shelf somewhere or be forgotten. Besides, why spend money on things that can’t be used anyway? Here are some of my favourite favors that guests will find useful after the wedding:

Measuring Spoons

Heart-shaped or not, they will still measure the same amount. If you cook or bake often, don’t you find that you end up running out of measuring spoons to use? It’s always handy to have an extra set. You can give 1 set per couple/family to help cut costs. This set from BeauCoup costs $2.95 each (quantities below 48).

Towel Cakes

These are very cute and can be used at home as extra face or hand towels. You can give 1 towel cake per couple or 1-2 per family (depending on how many kids they have) to help cut costs. This towel cake from Inspirasian Creations comes with a matching favor tag and costs $4.90 each.


I love Asian cuisine so naturally I would love to receive chopsticks as a favor, I’m sure others would too. It’s great for sushi or noodle dinners at home. BeauCoup has a few options: engraved chopsticks for $3.75, pearl coloured chopsticks for $2.25, and these Double Happiness ones for $1.75.

Letter Opener

Sure these aren’t necessary at home but it’s nice to have. I would use it everyday if I received one. You can give one of these per family or couple who live together. Inspirasian Creations has this for $3.25 each.


Even with all the Kindles, the Kobos and E-Readers, you can’t replace the appeal of flipping through pages of a good book. If your guests are avid readers, they’ll need a bookmark every once in a while. These cute cupcake ones are from Wedding-Favours.ca and cost $5.04 each.

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