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Guest Blog: The Importance of Investing in Wedding Photography & Videography

November 30th, 2015 by Jeannine

Guest Blog: The Importance of Investing in Wedding Photography & Videography

When you add up all the elements of a wedding day, one of the most valuable investments that a couple should consider placing as top priority is capturing their story. Photography and Cinematography allow couples, their friends and family to relive the most important day in their lives.

Kelly and James Wedding Video Same Day Edit/ Vancouver Club from Life Studios Inc Wedding Video on Vimeo.

Life Studios Inc. Capturing the story properly on a couple’s wedding day will bring out the best in their personalities and show just how special the start of their journey in life has been. Effective storytelling ensures to caputre each fine detail, the locale, reactions of friends and family at the wedding, interaction between the couple and the finer things the couple might miss on the day. Capturing those special moments of the day between the couple and their loved ones will also serve as a reminder 10 to 20 years later of where they started, and this gift can then be treasured and passed down generations to keep the memories and love alive.

Of course, there are many ways of telling a story — which is why it’s so important to connect beforehand with those documenting your special day, to find out more about the different approaches and styles available to you.  After all, you want to ensure this story is told in a way that’s meaningful to you, and this is a chance to let your photographer and cinematographer help you uncover key cues to help get to the heart of your story.  Perhaps you prefer to focus on the new and brilliant: the beautiful gown, the dapper suits, the extraordinary locale, the lively music — or you may prefer a storytelling style reserved for those treasured things that culminated in this special day: a special family heirloom passed on to the Bride, a priceless moment between the Groom and his father just before the ceremony, or a simple celebration of two families coming together as one.  You may find you appreciate a more candid approach, with precious images you’re astonished that someone managed to capture; or you may prefer a bolder, more direct approach.  Of course, you will find that truly experienced and gifted photographers and cinematographers will demonstrate any number of ways to balance seemingly polar opposites: old and new, classic and modern, epic and editorial, calm and ecstatic, poetic and musical, in a finely crafted way that makes sense to you and who you are as a couple and a family.

Linda and Jack Vancouver Wedding Video Same Day Edit, SDE By: www.lifestudiosinc.com, Terminal City Club from Life Studios Inc Wedding Video on Vimeo.

Having your story documented professionally with photo and video will preserve the sights, sounds, movements, and memories that you’ll always want to treasure from your wedding. This is will be invaluable a few years down the line when some of the details and moments have faded from memory.

Life Studios Inc.

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Life Studios Inc is Canada’s elite cinematography & photography studio comprised of an award-winning team of experts bringing their individual artistry in capturing your life’s precious moments.

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Life Studios Inc.

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