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Guest Blog: Budget Friendly Benefit of Custom Bridesmaids Dresses

January 21st, 2015 by Jeannine

Guest Blog: Budget Friendly Benefit of Custom Bridesmaids Dresses

Would you ever consider custom making bridesmaid dresses? Here’s an interesting insight to an option not many may think of. Here’s a guest blog by Francesca Castor of Pastel Dress Party, an Toronto-based custom dress company that does just this… their dresses start at $135 and go up to $215.

Pastel Dress Party - photo by RokChoi Photography

More often than not, bridesmaid dresses are a big “to-do” list item to get done. Between choosing the right colours and style for your bridesmaids, one of the most important details is fit. Every woman is built differently, which is why the fitting of the dress is so important. While you want your bridal party to rock a cohesive look, it’s still worth noting that you want your ladies to feel just as amazing as you do on your special day. This is where custom-made bridesmaids dresses come in. Every dress is made to fit perfectly. It doesn’t require further alterations –which is always a cost that is often overlooked.

Purchasing custom-made bridesmaid dresses means that it is only going to be one charge, as opposed to paying for the dress and then further alterations, which could be quite costly and time-consuming. It’s a win-win for both the bride and her party, as that money for alterations could be used in another area of the wedding itself.

An added benefit of purchasing custom-made dresses is that you’re often the only person wearing that particular dress. So your bridesmaids can use the dress outside of the wedding to other events. It’s also going to eliminate the “I hope no one else is wearing this dress” thought that crosses every woman’s mind when attending a party. Custom-made bridesmaids dresses are a way for you to get extra creative with your wedding party – style, colour, cut, it’s your call and that might be the best benefit of custom-made dresses after all.

Pastel Dress Party - photo by RokChoi Photography

Vendor Bio: Pastel Dress Party provides beautiful, custom-fit dresses for bridal parties and special occasions that are affordable, high quality and versatile enough to wear time and again. Each dress is handmade and unique according to the client’s chosen style, colour and measurements. While the process happens mainly online and virtually, Pastel Dress Party accommodates the decision-making process by providing free sample swatches of material, and guarantees the dress to be delivered within 40 days with worldwide shipping included.

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All photos provided by Pastel Dress Party and courtesy RokChoi Photography

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