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Guest Blog:
Top 4 Stationery Trends in 2014

February 5th, 2014 by Jeannine

Guest Blog: Top 4 Stationery Trends in 2014

I’ve long admired Uniquity Invitations‘ design templates and custom work for quite some time that I had to ask the artiste herself… what’s new for 2014? Here’s what Tammy Lyon had to say…


These trends are more about the general feel of where design and style is evolving over the next year. How couples interpret them into details for their own wedding stationery is the biggest design win.

Gold & Sparkle

Gold has been slowing gaining traction over the past few years, but I think this year it will really make itʼs mark. 2014 golds are warmer and not the yellow based brassy gold of the 80′s and 90′s. Couples are incorporating gold on the high end by choosing metallic letterpress inks or gold foils when printing. A stunning detail is using gold ink to edge a double thick card stock. To add some sparkle with a modest printing budget, choose digital flat printing for your invitations and instead use gold within the accessories, like gold lined envelopes, gold twine, a gold backing card to create a frame around the invitation card, or use a deep gold pen to address your envelopes. Make your stationery sparkle but adding in a little touch of glitter.

Uniquity Invitations


It seems with all this gold and elegance, floral patterns are coming in to play as well. Roses, ranunculus and peonies are drawn next to simple posies. Many of these illustrative heavy creations are hand drawn or hand painted using watercolour. Some are more detailed and others use simple shapes. You can even commission a stationery artist to hand paint each one. Alternatively, you will get a similar look by choosing a graphic or painted floral arrangement scanned and digitally printed onto each card.

Uniquity Invitations

Elegant Vintage

Vintage inspired nuptials is sticking around, but it has moved on from a rustic, scrapbooking or craft store look to one that is more refined and opulent. Both the Downtown Abbey television show and The Great Gatsby film have heavily influenced this style evolution. The sky is the limit if you have a over flowing champagne budget, however if you would rather save your money for a house or honeymoon, there are many ways to create an old world and opulent stationery set. Look for highly detailed vintage patterns & illustrations, calligraphic type faces and scroll work. Be careful not to ʻguild the lilyʼ with these choices and balance out the details with a simplistic layout. Black and White with Gold or Blush are hallmarks of this style. FYI.. Pink is hot hot hot! Just not hot pink – blush, nude and peach. Creamy and Cotton card stock and envelopes are a fine choice. Keep in mind that a vintage look without soul will feel cheesy and misplaced in years to come. Choose vintage elements that reflect your values, tastes and relationship details. Be careful of just re-creating a pin board you saw and use those inspirations as a spring board to come up with something even better.. that is reflective of you both.

Uniquity Invitations - photo by The Apartment Photography

Stories, Romance, & Dating Details

How did you meet? Did you travel together or survive a long distance relationship? Did you visit a favorite local cafe and order the same thing each second Tuesday of the month? Use your stationery to tell your together story, give details of your dating traditions and heart felt wording that embraces family and all the most important things in life. I feel the biggest trend is to create your own trends together.

Uniquity Invitations

Tammy Lyon is the Owner of Uniquity Design and Uniquity Invitations and is also one of the women behind Heirloom Magazine. She provides DIY invitation templates for weddings, as well as custom, made-to-order invitation sets for clients. To find out more about her business, visit her website, be a fan on Facebook and follow her on Twitter

Photos provided by Tammy Lyon, Photo credits: The Apartment Wedding Photography (where mentioned), Tammy Lyon

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