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Guest Blog: Suggestions to Help You Finalize Your Look for Your Wedding Day

August 18th, 2014 by Jeannine

Guest Blog: Suggestions to Help You Finalize Your Look for Your Wedding Day

Once you get over the initial excitement that comes with getting engaged, it’ll be time to get down to some serious work. You have a wedding to plan – your wedding! You will have to finalize a date, think of how many guests you want to invite, get your bridal party lined up and what not.

Amid the chaos you will also have to work on the look you want on your wedding day. Everything right from the wedding dress to the hair, make-up, shoes and accessories needs to be perfect. With the pre-wedding jitters that you will face, you may easily make some bad decisions. You certainly don’t want to look at your wedding photos and wish you had done something differently.

Here are some suggestions that will help you keep a clear head and look your best on your wedding day.

Buying the Wedding Dress

Ideally, you should start seeing dresses when the wedding day is about 11-12 months away. If you buy a dress any earlier, you’ll start having doubts about it. There’s the risk of a particular style running out of fashion too.

Don’t keep putting off your search for the best wedding dress either. You might need to wait somewhere around 5-8 months before you can lay your hands on your dress. If you wait too long, you may not be able to get your dream dress in time for your wedding.

Every girl grows up dreaming about the perfect wedding dress. While there’s nothing wrong with it, it might give a woman unrealistic expectations about the dress. Be open to try new styles and never select a dress that doesn’t flatter your figure.

A cut that you think looks good on you may actually not. Take along your mom or a couple of trusted friends when you go shopping for your dress. Remember that taking too many people along won’t work. Their opinions will cloud your judgment. Moreover, they will never be able to agree on the one thing that could be the best for you. Buy only what makes you feel happy.

If you are working on a budget, never spend the maximum amount that your budget allows on the wedding dress itself. You will have to spend money on undergarments, the veil, the bouquet, the shoes, and other accessories. If you need to get the dress altered, it will add to the costs.

Deciding on Hair and Make-Up

While trying on a new style is okay when it comes to your wedding dress, steer clear of this when it comes to your wedding hairstyle and make-up. If you wish to try on a smoky-eye effect or fake eyelashes or do your hair up in tight curls, talk to your beautician and go through a make-up trial.

Don’t hold the session at the last minute though. About 3-4 months in advance of the wedding day should do. This way, if you don’t like the look, you can try out other styles or probably another salon. When you like the way you look after the trial session, take a picture of yourself so you can be sure the beautician delivers just that on your wedding day.

Make sure to use oil-based water-proof make-up. Not only will you have to face the whole day looking beautiful, you may also shed a tear or two during special moments. You can’t have your make-up coming off your face. For the same reason, choose lipstick over lip gloss. It will stay in place and define your lips which will be great for the pictures.

If you are contemplating getting the air-brushed look, drop the idea. Not only will air-brushed make-up make your skin look flat, it will be hard to touch-up too.

Don’t avoid using a primer or some loose translucent powder. These are great tools to keep your T-zone from shining excessively. A simple look will be loved and appreciated by all. You won’t ever look at your wedding day pictures and wish you had tried something else. Trends come and go so avoid fads such as contouring and highlighting the face.

As with taking opinions on your wedding dress, ask a select few individuals for opinions on your hairstyle. While flowy hair and strands framing your face may look lovely, consider if you want all your hair tied up and off your face. This will help you go through the wedding and celebrations without having to bother about it looking great or coming in your face.

Dainty Heels or Simple Flip-Flops

When it comes to your wedding shoes, always choose comfort over anything else. Wearing heels for hours on end will cause you a lot of pain. You don’t want to be seen grimacing during the first dance.

If you’ll be wearing a long wedding dress, you don’t need to wear heels because they won’t be visible to anyone. If you’re going for a short number, pick a pair of sandals or ballet flats that will not hurt your feet. Towering heels that will make you bend over in agony are a strict no-no.


You need to be all smiles at your wedding. Sure, making your wedding a grand success is going to be a tough job. But if you make the right decisions, things will turn out great.

Remember to make choices that make you happy. Perhaps your fiancé loves your hair when it’s left loose or your distant aunt might want to pass down her veil to you. Instead of trying to please one and all, indulge yourself in whatever pleases you.

Millie Rainer Author Bio:
Millie Rainer is a content strategist for Adorona.com. Millie also loves being a part of the Mom blogging community and finding out how Women Entrepreneurs succeed at what they do best. Hit her up on Twitter @MillieRainer

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