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Guest Blog: Creating a Lasting Memory with a DIY Bouquet

June 9th, 2014 by Jeannine

Guest Blog: Creating a Lasting Memory with a DIY Bouquet

Shirley Low has been an avid reader of Vancity Bride since getting engaged back in January, 2012. She and her sister created beautiful silk bouquets for Shirley’s wedding last year and from that blossomed a joint business venture… and they want to show you how to make one for yourselves! Without further ado, here’s Shirley in her own words…


Most brides tend to incorporate flowers into their wedding – bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, décor, etc. But did you know how costly flowers can be? Staying on budget while planning the wedding of your dreams is already tough, but then finding out the flowers that you want are either not in season or too delicate to incorporate into your wedding just makes the situation worse.

Don’t worry, I have an ideal solution for you – creating a lasting memory with your own DIY silk flower bouquet. Below is a tutorial for those crafty brides out there, but in the case you need assistance and/or want to order silk flower bouquets for your big day, contact Fuzzi Moments.

Before you start, consider the following:

  1. Colour theme: What colours are you trying to incorporate into your wedding? Think outside the box and perhaps incorporating the main colour in the ribbon on the handle instead of the flowers.
  2. Floral choices: Since they’re silk flowers, you’re not as limited when it comes down to what’s in season, but still need to consider what is available in stores.


While shopping for the flowers to incorporate into your bouquet, I suggest you to try placing them together and go to a nearby mirror or taking a photo of it to see if it’s what you were hoping for. But definitely helps if you have already found an image of a bouquet you want and asking sales associates at near by craft stores to assist.

Start by collecting and/or purchasing the following materials:

Fuzzi Moments

Fuzzi Moments

Hold one of the main floral stems in your hand and determine the length for your bouquet and simply cut all the floral stems accordingly to that length. Keep in mind that the accents should be cut at similar lengths but have a bit of variation to form a fuller bouquet.

Once all stems are trimmed to correct lengths, you may remove excess leaves, if any. Otherwise there will be way too much green in your bouquet.

Fuzzi Moments

 Now it’s time to start forming your bouquet! It is recommended to start with your focal floral stems, then arrange the accent floral stems in place, then lastly add in the greens. You may not get it right the first time, but keep on rearranging the stems until you think it looks dazzling in all angles.

Fuzzi Moments

Wrap the floral wire near the top of the handle a few times in order to secure your arrangement. Then take tissue paper, or in this case Bounty paper, to wrap around the stems to give a bit of cushion to the handle. You can add in more sheets should you want to have a thicker handle, or less if you want a thinner handle.

In order to hide the tissue paper, start by wrapping floral tape on the handle from the top (near the flowers) all the way down and then back up to the middle section. In the case you want to hide the stems at the bottom, then use additional floral tape to do so.

Now it’s time to hide the floral tape by wrapping ribbon around the handle from the bottom up in a circular motion. You do not need to measure it out and simply have the other end still attached to the roll itself. Once you reach the top, wrap the ribbon about two more times as you move back down the handle and cut. Then fold the raw edge inwards and secure with two pins.

Fuzzi Moments

Basically, you now have a bridal bouquet ready to go! But if you want to make it even more beautiful, you have the following options:

  1. Tie knots: Take the centre of the remaining ribbon you have on hand (or a different ribbon colour or size of your choice) and wrap from both sides from the bottom up. As you criss cross the ribbon, tie knots on the front of the bouquet and continue to do so until you reach the top.
  2. Tie a bow: Take the remaining ribbon (or continued from where you’ve left off from tying knots) and tie a bow near the top. Just make sure the ends are nicely trimmed and ends are even.
  3. Add on bling: You can decorate your bouquet by adding on adhesive rhinestones or pearls on the random petals to make your bouquet shine. 

So that’s it! You have now completed a bouquet of your own for a low cost and something that you can keep for a lifetime. I hope you had a blast following this tutorial and perhaps you can get additional inspirations from our creations or check out our Facebook Page.

Questions? Contact us at fuzzimoments@gmail.com or @FuzziMoments

Signing off,

Shirley Low, Fuzzi Moments

Vendor bio: Behind Fuzzi Moments, a local startup in Vancouver, BC, are two sisters who want to create that unique and everlasting touch to any occasion through the use of silk flowers. Shirley and Jenny found this passion after creating their very first set of stunning wedding silk flower bouquets, corsages and boutonniere’s for Shirley’s wedding back in September 2013. And now, they are ready to help create customized and everlasting silk floral pieces for any occasion that you can cherish for a life time. They can’t wait to be a part of those special moments in life where you get to feel all “fuzzi” inside! 

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