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Guest Blog: 9 Tips to Preserve Your Wedding Dress Like a Pro

June 13th, 2016 by Jeannine

Guest Blog: 9 Tips to Preserve Your Wedding Dress Like a Pro

Walking down the aisle in a wedding dress of your dreams is a thought that all girls grow up with. We put in painstaking efforts to hunt down that ‘one perfect dress’ to look flawless on our special day. And after the endless rounds of boutiques, stores and some more number rounds of trials and alterations, we finally have our dress ready to wear for the special day.

But then, getting your wedding dress ready is only the beginning. With days, weeks or months to go for your wedding, you need to preserve the wedding dress without causing it any damage. And when the wedding is over, you have to preserve the dress again, for a lifetime.

Seems like a lot of work. Isn’t it?

Before you lose sleep over it, here are some tips, which will come to your rescue and help you preserve your wedding day like a pro.

How to store your wedding dress before the wedding

  • Get rid of the plastic: If your wedding is not within a few days, remove it from the plastic cover. The reason is simple. Plastic doesn’t leave any room for the dress to breathe and can potentially stain it over a period of time. Not only does it will turn your dress a shade of yellow, but also foster mildew growth. This doesn’t mean that you expose the dress to dust by keeping it out in the open. What you can do is invest in a garment bag made from materials like muslin to store it or use cotton sheets to wrap it. This will make your dress look flawless and brand new.

Pro tip: If you are storing it for months before the wedding, you can change the garment bag and cotton sheets at regular intervals. 

  • Use plastic hangers: If the wedding dress is light in weight, you can always hang and store it in your wardrobe using plastic hangers. But if it is on the heavier side, lay it flat and store it in cotton sheets or garment bag. Ideally, you can store your dress in a room, maybe in the extra space under a bed or an ironing board in the store room, until your wedding day. This will keep the dress from getting accidentally damaged.

Pro tip: Clean the closet thoroughly before storing your wedding dress.  

  • Don’t keep taking it out every other day: It is difficult to not take a look at your beautiful wedding dress every now and then. Or to run your fingers through the intricate embroidery and feel the fabric. But this is a strict no-no. Resist the urge to take a look at the dress ‘just one more time’ before the wedding day and don’t remove it from its covering until and unless you need it altered (which is highly unlikely).

Pro tip: When you try on the dress, make sure that you are not sweaty or wearing makeup and deodorant. These can stain the dress or damage it during the trial. The best time to try it on, is right after you take a shower. 

  • Get it dry cleaned before the D-day: Get the dress dry cleaned from the best dry cleaners in your locality before your D-day. But before that, make sure you ask them the time they will take to dry clean it so that you can plan accordingly and get it delivered before the wedding.

Pro tip: Opt for dry cleaning the dress even if you think that there is no need for it. This will take away any odor and make you look a dapper as you walk down the aisle!

  • Keep away from extreme temperatures: Extreme climatic conditions can cause potential damage to your wedding dress. Ideally, keep it in a room where it can be kept away from direct sunlight and moisture. Basements and attics are red flags and so is the garage.

Pro tip: Make space in a room for storing the dress where the temperature doesn’t tend to fluctuate and has less traffic. 

How to store your wedding dress after the wedding

  • Get it dry cleaned again: When the wedding ceremony is over, get in touch with your local dry cleaners and get the dress cleaned for long-term storage. If you have to rush to your honeymoon soon after the wedding, you can ask a friend or a family member to get the dress dry cleaned on your behalf and get it delivered once you are back in town.
  • Choose storage options: There are special boxes, bags and containers available for wedding dresses, which can help you preserve them forever. Alternatively, you can invest in a closet with enough room to store the dress (if you don’t have one already).
  • Don’t forget the accessories: Along with the wedding dress, you’d also like to preserve your headpiece, veil, flowers (if they are fabric or made from plastic), gloves, garter, handkerchief, hat, tiara, jewelry, etc. Investing in a wedding chest would be the best thing for this purpose. Use it to store the accessories along with your wedding dress and other knick-knacks such as wedding card, bridal shower props and so on and so forth. However, make it a point to store them in such a way that they don’t get damaged over the period of time. Also, never store your bridal shoes with the dress.
  • Don’t hang the dress: While storing the dress on a hanger is a great alternative for a short-term, in the longer run, this can make the dress loose. Then again, it depends on how heavy the dress is and the type of material used. If your dress is light weight and made up of a material that won’t stretch, sag or get loose easily, you can hang it by using the loops that are located inside the dress.

Calling it a day

Use these tips and your wedding dress will look stunning for years to come and become a much-coveted heirloom! What do you think of the tips? If you too have some more tips that can help a bride preserve her wedding dress in the perfect condition, do share it with us!

Millie Rainer Author Bio:
Millie Rainer writes about a variety of things such as fashion, lifestyle and more. She is looking to build up her authority as a blogger – so she is excited to explore new topics. Twitter @MillieRainer

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