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Guest Blog: 5 Tips to Dazzle in Your Summer Wedding Suit

July 3rd, 2015 by Jeannine

Dazzle in Your Summer Wedding Suit: 5 Tips for the Groom-To-Be

While weeks and months are spent thinking about the would-be bride’s wedding gown, hardly any thought goes into deciding on the groom’s wedding suit. Of course, the guys don’t complain, but wedding suits for grooms need as much thought as wedding gowns if not more.

If you are a guy reading this and are getting married this summer, you’ve come to the right place! On your wedding day, you want to ooze style without letting the summer heat get to you.

Here are some tips that will help you select the perfect wedding suit.

Pick the Correct Fabric

Picking the right fabric will go a long way in keeping you cool all through the day. While you needn’t give much thought to the weight of the material, do ensure that whatever material you choose is breathable.


Linen is the most preferred fabric in summers because of its fabric structure and lightweight. But it’s going to be your wedding and you would certainly want to look dapper the whole day! As such, the linen may not be such a great choice as it can wrinkle easily and heavily.

Try a linen blend with cotton or silk if you don’t mind a few creases or opt for another fabric altogether.


For many men, cotton is a default choice in summers. However, you can’t pick just any cotton as there are huge differences in fabrics based on thickness and fiber length. You’ll need to look for cotton with an open weave that will make the fabric more breathable.

Avoid going for khaki, twill, or corduroy as these fabrics impede air circulation. A good choice of material is poplin made from cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester.


Not only is wool popular and versatile, it also has the ability to keep you cool in summers. Just be sure to pick lightweight wool!

Mohair – made from the hair of the Angora goat is a great light-weight fabric. You can also pick fresco which is made of multiple yarn and high-twisted wool.

The fresco has an open weave and is a bit coarse to the touch. All the same, it is a dense and durable fabric. If you don’t like the see-through quality of fresco, get your suit lined or go for a heavier version of fresco.

A Word of Advice: You might come across silk and cashmere blends advertised as summer fabrics, but you’d do well to stay away from them. That’s because cashmere is too hot for summers and silk with its tight weave, has insulating properties which make it better suited for winters.

Go for a Light Construction

A well-fitted suit is certainly important, but do pay attention to the construction of the suit if you don’t want to melt in the heat. A suit that has the right lining will not only hold well, but will also keep you feeling cool.

Usually, rayon is the preferred choice when it comes to lining a suit jacket. However, rayon is a synthetic material and will make you feel stuffy even if you choose a breathable fabric like cotton or linen. The best option would be wearing an unlined jacket that will promote air circulation.

Do note that an unlined jacket will be more expensive than a lined one. That’s because, in the absence of lining, the stitches and seams will be exposed. As such, the tailor will need to take extra efforts and ensure that nothing looks unsightly.

You can also opt for a half-lined jacket. Such a jacket covers up only the shoulders, sides, and the upper back, leaving the mid and lower back exposed. This helps give form to the jacket where needed and increases breathability in main areas.

Choose the Right Style

You can choose to wear a waistcoat underneath the jacket or simply do without it if you think it’s going to be too hot. If you do wear a waistcoat, you can always remove your jacket if the mercury rises.

Alternatively, for a casual outdoor wedding, ditch the jacket altogether! Simply button up your waistcoat over a formal or casual shirt and you’ll be good to go.

Don’t Go Overboard with Colors

You certainly don’t want to upset your bride! If you’re planning to go for a pastel or a bright colored suit, you had better speak to your girl first. She most definitely has decided on a color for your suit so that it goes well with the wedding theme.

If she gives you the liberty of choosing a neutral color, avoid dark colors like navy and black. Especially if you’re going to have an outdoor wedding! Light colors will absorb less heat so stick to beige, cream, and the like.

Accessorize Well

Do accessorize with a pair of polarized aviators or a Panama hat to keep the sun out of your eyes while also increasing your cool quotient.

With a knit, linen, or Madras tie and a pair of shoes to match, you’ll certainly bowl over your bride!


If you thought that selecting a wedding suit had nothing much to it, you now know how wrong you were. While you and your future bride plan your summer wedding carefully, you can’t decide on your wedding suit without putting-in adequate thought. After all, you don’t want to look drained or sweat-stained in your wedding pictures!

So don’t delay finalizing the material and style of your wedding suit; use the tips given here and get started soon!

Millie Rainer Author Bio:
Millie Rainer writes about a variety of things such as fashion, lifestyle and more. She is looking to build up her authority as a blogger – so she is excited to explore new topics. Twitter @MillieRainer

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  • May 15th, 2016 at 10:00 pm
    Parekh says:

    This page is a huge relief to all those guys who are going to get lucky this summer. Wise choice of outfit is most important especially with Mr. Sun never forgets to beckon and greet the couple. Well done Jeannine on pointing out those small important details that we miss most of the time. Nice blog spot and thank you 


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