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Guest Blog:
Top Five “Bang for your Buck” Blooms

August 20th, 2014 by Jeannine

Guest Blog: Top Five "Bang for your Buck" Blooms

One of the best ways to create fuller looking bouquets is by using big bloomed flowers… you’ll need less stems to create a big impact. But which flowers are good? I consulted Vancity Vendor Robin Loizil of Bootah Jardin Florists to give me her top 5 Bang for your Buck blooms… here’s what she had to say…



An easy choice for the top spot on this list, hydrangeas are well-recognized for being economical flowers in any type of arrangement.  They’re also a great example of a flower that is relatively expensive— it has a high per-stem cost— but provides a lot of coverage and bulk for the price.  Prices do vary by variety and season, though, so you can save even more by being flexible on colour.

Hydrangea - Bootah Jardin

Disbud Mums

Disbud mums don’t have the same name recognition as more popular wedding flowers, but they’re a staple in florist shops.  They’re my go-to flower when a bride requests a mixed bouquet with some texture.  Natural colour choices are rather limited, but they are readily available in white and some pastel shades that work extremely well for wedding work.

Disbud mums - Bootah Jardin


Standard roses make the list for their relatively low per-stem cost, as well as their versatility. They work equally well in a tight, formal posy, as they do in a loose garden inspired bouquet.    And if your wedding isn’t around Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, their price is very stable.

Roses - Bootah Jardin


An incredibly under-valued flower, alstroemerias are fantastic at adding bulk to an arrangement.  They also get bonus points for being available in a wide variety of colours.  They don’t have to be the star of the arrangement (although I personally think they can be), but they certainly excel as a background player.

Orange Alstros - Bootah Jardin

Oriental and Asiatic Lilies

Lilies have really fallen out of fashion in bridal trends, but even if you don’t want them in your bouquet, they are a very good choice for centerpieces.  Their large showy blooms are incredibly elegant, and like the hydrangeas earlier on this list, they provide a lot of flower for the price.  While colour selection is the most varied in oriental lilies, they are very strongly scented, which can be a problem for some.  The smaller hybrid and Asiatic lilies are the better choice when scent is a concern.

  Asiatic Lily - photo from Shutterstock


Thank you so much Robin for sharing your thoughts. To find out more about Bootah Jardin Florists, visit the following links.

Vancity Vendor profile | website | Facebook

Photos provided by Bootah Jardin Florists except Feature Photo and Asiatic Lily photo (both from Shutterstock)

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  • August 21st, 2014 at 11:20 pm
    Barb Konrad says:

    As a florist myself, I concur with each of these. All budget friendly that fill spaces beautifully. I would also add dahlias to the list. Although seasonal – generally starting in August & into October – they are versatile with a wide range of colors. They come in a wide range of colors & some varieties are ginormous. Prices are very reasonable.


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