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How to Save on Asian Weddings

September 16th, 2013 by Jeannine

How to Save on Asian Weddings

Julia Wei Asian weddings are rich in culture as well as cost. With 100+ guestlists being quite common, it can be a financial burden for the couple and their families. I decided to seek the help of wedding planner Julia Wei of Fortune Events to find out if there are ways to cut costs. Fortune Events is Vancouver’s premier Chinese wedding planners for Chinese and Fusion couples. They are experts who understand Chinese culture and creates visually amazing events for all their clients. Here’s what Julia had to say…

How expensive are traditional Asian weddings compared to other weddings?

As with anything, it all depends on how you do it. Not that a couple should be dependent of this, but in Chinese culture, it is customary to receive money instead of products as gifts to usher the couple into a prosperous marriage. This can help ease the burden of paying for a wedding themselves. We have worked with couples to achieve their dream wedding with budgets of $25,000 for a hundred people and also upwards of $50,000 and up for others. It all comes down to prioritizing what they feel is most important. If food is very important, then it can have an importance in the budget planning and less emphasis placed on others.”

Photo courtesy Two White Doves Photography

What aspects of Asian weddings can be costly?

“Even more so than other weddings, the majority of the budget for an Asian wedding goes toward the reception. This is typically due to the higher number of guests. Also, it can be difficult to capture the intricacies and nuances of Asian decor on a budget. Elegant designs typically require more labour and thus, cost more. For outfits and decoration pieces, it is a feasible option to have them done by, or bought from, a company in Asia. Most of our couples have gone to back to their home country, or have guests coming to Canada from there, so they can bring or ship the products over to Vancouver. It will cost less in Canadian currency and are often higher quality because of the vendors’ experience familiarity with the design and culture, in comparison to local vendors.”

Fortune Events

Photo courtesy Two White Doves Photography How can a couple save money? What do you generally recommend to them?

“When considering decor and floral rentals for the wedding, we recommend finding arrangements and items that can be used at both the ceremony and reception locations to minimize rental costs. It also keeps the look of the wedding cohesive. One tip that often gets overlooked is the timing of the events throughout the day. By making sure the ceremony, reception, and all other events happen closer to each other, one can minimize the booking times for vendors, and make the most of the time they are available. Decorations, favours, and invitations are conducive to being DIY projects, considering you have adequate time, resources, and helping hands to accomplish them. An upside is that Asian banquet-style reception locations are typically exquisitely decorated and do not require elaborate decor to look great. Also to keep in mind, most Asian banquets will utilize the Lazy Susan glass which means decor on the table should be smaller in efforts to not obstruct service. Having smaller centerpieces will help save money on the decor. Another great tip that have saved our clients upwards of a few thousand dollars on venue rentals is having a wedding on a Friday, or Sunday, or during the off seasons. Vendors have more time to spend on your wedding and venues have special seasonal prices to help fill their bookings.”

Fortune Events

Where would you recommend to source traditional items locally?

“For wedding favours and stationery, we recommend InspirAsian Creations as they have a great selection for a great price. For tea sets, one can find adequate samples at Daiso for a great price. For Qi Pao, we recommend Ochi (map) and K.K. Boutique (map)”

Thank you Julia for sharing your insight with my readers. I’m sure my readers appreciate all your suggestions and recommendations. If you want to follow Fortune Events, you can do so by being a fan on Facebook and Twitter, or visit their website.

Photography credits: Two White Doves Photography (feature photo)

All photos provided by Fortune Events

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