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6 Ways to Keep Jewelry Sparkling

April 21st, 2014 by Jeannine

6 Ways to Keep Jewelry Sparkling

When I wore my engagement ring and wedding band, I always loved how it sparkled in the light… but imagine how much nicer that will look if you maintained it regularly! I sought the advice of a trusted colleague, Danny Amado of Minichiello Jewellers. You may remember him from a previous article I wrote. He was so helpful, I decided to ask for his advice again.

Minichiello Jewellers

  • Take jewelry off before taking a shower or washing your hands.

Danny: “Soap leaves a residue and can get stuck within the claws and leaves a film on your diamonds. Also, in general, it’s best not to where any jewellery in the shower as there is always a chance of losing it down the drain.”

  • Take jewelry off before using hand creams and hand sanitizers.

Danny: “Put them somewhere safe and don’t take them off in a public washroom or public place (lol). Lather your hands, let them dry and then put your rings back on. It keeps them shining longer.”

  • Keep pearls away from creams and perfume.

Danny: “Pearls are very sensitive. It is best to put your pearls on last (after all the perfume) and take them off first (before you get out of your clothing). Pearls are natural and do not like a lot of creams and perfume on them. Over time this will breakdown the outer sheen of the pearl and make them look dull.”

  • Don’t buy all the promotional jewellery cleaners.

Danny: “A simple soft bristle toothbrush, Windex (or any ammonia-based cleaner) and some warm water will gentle take away any build up in your engagement rings. Don’t use this process on coloured stones or pearls as the ammonia can damage the stones over time. It’s fine to use on gold and diamonds.”

  • Take your jewellery off.

Danny: As jewellers, we rarely wear our jewellery in at home. Typically, home is where you are washing, cleaning, or playing. No need to wear your jewellery in these cases. Find a spot to place your everyday pieces once you get home and put them back on when you leave. Your jewellery will thank you over time.”

  • Have your jewellery cleaned and checked every 6 to 8 months.

Danny: “I see regular customers monthly. This allows me to asses any damage from wear and tear and to ensure everything is tight. Any well established store can clean on the spot within a few minutes of waiting.”

Minichiello Jewellers

Thank you so much Danny for your expertise. If you’re looking for engagement rings, wedding bands or even a special gift for yourself, visit Minichiello Jewellers at #405-470 Granville Street, in the heart of Downtown Vancouver. For more information and to stay updated, visit their social media links below.

Minichiello Jewellers website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

They are amazing to work with and can even customize jewelry for you like they did for me. They transformed my old wedding band into something new and amazing. I’m very impressed with their work.


All photos by Vancity Bride

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