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Happy Bridesmaids = Happy Bride

November 2nd, 2011 by Jeannine

Happy Bridesmaids = Happy Bride

Your girlfriends have been a support system for you for many years of your life, what better way to honour them than by having them stand by your side as you say your “I do’s”? Something to keep in mind, though, is that being a bridesmaid comes with some financial and emotional responsibilties, not everyone can handle it. Wedding planning can be a stressful time and it can be easy to lose sight of what’s important, your friendship. I’ve read lots of wedding forums where friendships deteriorate within the bridal party due to wedding planning disagreements. I think it’s really sad that this happens, especially since it’s related to what’s supposed to be a joyous occasion. I’ve got some ideas that can help alleviate some planning stress both for yourself and your bridesmaids…

  • Think of their budget – Don’t expect the world from them… Especially if they’re not in the right financial situation. If you want something and they can’t afford it, be ready to fork out some cash to help them out, it’s only fair. If it’s feasible for you to pay for their dresses and jewelry, it’s definitely a nice gesture they’ll really appreciate.
  • Let them choose their dresses – This is one of the best ideas because (a) it’s one thing off your to-do list, (b) your ladies get to buy the dress they want (but in the colour of your choice), (c) it’s more likely they’ll wear the dress again, (d) you don’t have to pay for it!
  • Don’t be upset if life gets in the way – Your ladies have their own things going on too, some may get engaged, some may have to go away for work, some may even get pregnant! If significant events happen and interferes with your wedding planning, be understanding and accommodating, your bridesmaids will love you for it! If you feel it will be hard for them to be at your wedding, let them know it’s ok to step down, they may choose to do so, or maybe not. It’s up to them. If they do step down, find a replacement or if it’s too late, there’s nothing wrong with an uneven wedding party.
  • Don’t forget to thank them – Show them you appreciate them, after all the things they did for you, and not just during wedding planning. Treat them out, get them a token of your appreciation. For my girls, I took them out for “Bridesmaids Appreciation Day,” in other words, high tea and girl time! Their gifts were jewelry and a hair flower they wore to my wedding. There’s no specific $ amount you have to spend, if a thoughtful handwritten thank you card and a big hug is all you can afford, that’s way better than nothing.

To the bridesmaids out there, the best way to keep a bride happy is to not abuse a considerate bride. It’s their day, not yours, so being anything less than supportive is not the best idea and is undoubtedly putting a strain on your relationship. Constructive criticism is ok, but complaining is not. Be there for each other as you have done all your life :)

Tell me… how many bridesmaids will you have?

All photos courtesy Carolyn Egerszegi Photography

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