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5 Tips to Meaningful Vows

June 15th, 2015 by Jeannine

5 Tips to Meaningful Vows

It’s common for couples to encounter writer’s block when it comes to writing vows. After all, these are pretty important words that will bind you and your partner til death do you part. I hope to make the process a little easier for you so hope you’ll stick around and read what I’ve got to say :)

Don’t worry what other people think.

I know you’ll be saying these vows in front of your friends and family so it’s normal to feel a little self-conscious. Remember that what you have to say is only for your significant other… so don’t be bothered what other people will think. You don’t need to try to impress them, it’s not a performance… just two people sharing how they feel about each other.

Keep it simple.

Like I said in the previous point, this is not a performance, you’re not there to entertain people. Don’t focus too much on being witty or funny, especially if it doesn’t come natural to you. Instead, say what’s in your heart. Even a simple “I will always love you and cherish you” is enough. If you try too hard, it may end up sounding awkward so just remember to keep it simple!

Add an inside joke.

Your guests may not catch it but your partner sure will, and it will add a sweet and personal touch to your vows. Recall a favourite memory or mention something quirky that your partner does… it will certainly put a smile on their face.

Memorize your vows… if you can.

Keeping your vows short will allow you to easily memorize what you have to say. This will allow you to look into your partner’s eyes as you say your vows and just focus on him or her… it will be more impactful. If you write your vows the way you would naturally say it, it will be easier to memorize. If you must have cue cards handy, lift your eyes from the cards as often as you can… after all, you’re making vows to your partner, not your cards ;)

Take your vows seriously.

Vows are nothing to joke about. You are making lifelong promises to each other, to stick together through thick and thin. Marriage is tough and no doubt things will happen that will test your relationship. Whatever vows you make to each other, the best way to make it meaningful is to do as ¬†you say… which is to love each other and do your best to make the other happy. Mean and do what you say… you will have a happier marriage because of it.

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    What I am really on the lookout for though is some examples of real life vows, have you ever thought of having an article that features someone’s vows?


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