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Origami Placecards

June 29th, 2011 by Jeannine

Origami Placecards

My ex-husband is half Japanese and we thought it would be cool to incorporate part of his heritage into our wedding… so I came up with the idea of making origami placecards. It was basically an origami crane (for the guys) and a lily (for the girls) with a name tag attached. We chose the crane and the lily because they were able to stand on their own and there was room to put the tags on.


  • Origami paper
  • Cardstock for nametags (2 different colours if you want a mat)
  • Fast drying glue/glue pen
  • Computer and printer

Origami Paper

We bought our paper online from Paper Jade. You can also find origami paper at any craft store or even Paper-Ya on Granville Island. We opted to go the online route because the paper we wanted (Unryu Chiyogami paper, which had no distinct pattern) was a decent price. 6″ sized paper makes a good sized origami placecard. Origami paper can be delicate, so take extra care when folding.

Folding Instructions

For a crane, click here.
For a lily, click here.

If you want to make something else, here are a few websites that I suggest:

Name Tags

These are very simple. Type each guest’s name on a Word document, double space it so you have enough room to cut. Print the document on cardstock of your choice (make sure your paper will run through your printer without problems). Cut each name out in rectangles, use a trimmer for straight lines. Add a mat if you like. Glue onto the origami. For the cranes, I made sure I had extra space on the left side so that part can be inserted into the crane and glued. For the ladies’ names, just make sure you cut them out so it’s centered and attach it onto the base of the flower with some glue. Easy peasy!

My Advice

Practice, practice, practice! If you are hopeless at folding (like me) do not attempt this, see if your fiancé can help, or maybe someone else who is a skilled folding machine. Origami paper can be quite expensive and the last thing you want to do is waste them. Always order more paper than you need because, whether you like it or not, mistakes happen. Allot enough time to do this before the wedding. You can even multitask with this… my ex ended up folding origami while watching TV and he just spread the workload out for a few months. Stress-free! When it’s time to hand these over to your decorator/coordinator, I suggest giving them some brief descriptions about which figure each guest got, to make it easier to find. Hope you enjoyed this post… special thanks goes out to my ex-husband who folded all the origami for our wedding. All our guests (myself included) were impressed by his folding skills and most still have their placecard as a memento from our wedding ♥

All photos courtesy Vancity Bride

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