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Questions for a Potential Wedding Photographer

April 3rd, 2013 by Jeannine

Questions for a Potential Wedding Photographer

A wedding photographer will be one of your most important investments in your wedding, so you have to find the right one. To help with your search, I’ve compiled a list of questions you can ask when you meet with potential photographers. These go beyond the typical questions like “what’s included in your packages?” and “how much will it cost?” I tried to think about questions you won’t normally think about so hope this helps!

  • Do you scout for locations? – Location scouts familiarize the photographer with potential photo sites and allows them to survey the area and get practice shots to better prepare themselves for the engagement or wedding shoot. It can also give them a chance to discover new and interesting places to take you or just keep at the back of their minds for future shoots.
  • How well do you shoot in tricky situations such as low light? – This is particularly important for indoor venues and other places that aren’t well lit (like a candle-lit room). Your photographer should be able to adapt to any condition and even use it to their advantage. The use of light and shadows can instantly make a photo look more dramatic.
  • Do you consult with the videographer to ensure you both have the best shots? – It’s happened one too many times that the photographer or the videographer get in each other’s way. You want to know if your vendor will take certain precautions to prevent him or her from losing the best shot.
  • What is the role of your assistant? – If you are having an associate photographer help out that day, ask what they will be in charge of. Will they be going to the groom? Will they be taking all the detail shots? Will they be positioned for wide shots? Being clear with the assignments will help put you at ease and make sure the shots that you want will be captured.
  • Will you have backup gear on site? – Cameras break from time to time, just like any electronic gadget and if it does happen on your big day, will they be able to continue shooting with a backup?
  • Who will shoot my wedding if you are sick? – In addition to backup gear, it’s also a good idea to find out if they have a backup photographer they can call on short notice should an emergency ever happen (knock on wood that it doesn’t). It’s also good to ask that if a backup photographer was called in, will you be getting a price break?
  • What happens when important events haven’t occurred yet and the coverage time has already expired? – Events tend to drag on sometimes and the last thing you want is for your photographer to miss an important event just because their coverage has ended. Be clear with them and talk about what would happen if coverage time runs out. Will they give you a grace period? Will they automatically charge you for the extra hour? Will they stay until the last important shot is taken and include it in the package fee? Clarify all of these and don’t forget to let your Day of Coordinator know about it too so he or she can deal with it on the big day, and not you.
  • Will you be blogging about my wedding? – Every wedding photographer blogs about their latest work and if you’d rather keep your photos private, tell them so right away. They will probably get you to sign a release form but if they don’t, have it in writing that you do not want them public.
  • How soon can I see the photos? – Some photographers are fantastic about getting teasers up the next day, or even the night of the wedding itself! It’s best to be clear with the photographer from the beginning so you’ll know when to expect the photos. Teasers that come in earlier will be a bonus!
  • Is it possible to order an album at a later date? – It’s no secret that wedding albums are EXPENSIVE, and for good reason. It’s definitely an investment and after the wedding bills are paid, why would you want to shell out another grand or so on an album if you have the option to save up and order it later? Ask your photographer if they have a deadline when you should order by so when it’s time, you’ll be able to afford it.

Photography credit: Shutterstock

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  • April 3rd, 2013 at 11:42 am
    Barb Konrad ~ Blooms & Beyond ~ says:

    A great post with valuable information! Let me add a comment speaking from a floral designer’s perspective – especially from one who’s detail oriented like me.
    A wedding day happens once in a life time for most couples and the smallest of details can help capture the memories so well.
    So it’s important to check out a potential photographer’s portfolio for evidence of an eye for detail in their images. Just as in my profession, the little things really do matter in adding wonderful memories of your magical occasion!


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