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Bridal Makeup by Sephora or MAC

June 1st, 2011 by Jeannine

Generic Makeup

Another affordable bridal makeup option is to head over to a makeup counter at your local Sephora or MAC store. Here’s what each has to offer:


  • Buy a $50 gift card, that is redeemable for products, and a makeup artist will apply makeup on you.
  • Only certain consultants do bridal makeup so talk to the staff first and meet with the artist.
  • Trials are the same price, if you wish to have one beforehand (I strongly recommend it.)
  • Don’t forget to set an appointment on your wedding day!


  • At a MAC salon store, it costs $55 for the service, not redeemable for products.
  • At a MAC counter at The Bay, it costs $50, redeemable for products, and bridal makeup will be applied by one of their artists.
  • Trials are the same price, if you wish to have one beforehand (Again, I strongly recommend it.)

My Advice

This is definitely very affordable but it can also be a hassle. First of all, you’ll be getting your hair and makeup done at two different places, which can eat up precious getting ready time. I suggest that you only consider this option if it really is convenient for you (for example, if it’s just a block away from your house or hotel). Also, try to get to know who your artist will be. Book a trial, for some peace of mind on the wedding day. Check with the store about backup artists too in case the person you booked with is somehow not able to come to work. It doesn’t hurt to have a Plan B! The best part about this option is for the fee that you pay, you not only get the service, but it can go towards products you use or have wanted to buy :) An extra perk for a necessary service!

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