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Props to the Photobooth!

December 12th, 2011 by Jeannine

Props to the Photobooth!

Photobooths are one of the most popular choices for event entertainment, whether it be a corporate party or a wedding. I’ve decided to take a look at this growing phenomenon so get ready for a photobooth information overload!

What is a photobooth?

A photobooth is simply a booth where you take photos, a place where people could let loose and have a ton of fun in front of the camera. There are two variations, a closed concept, which involves an actual booth and an open concept setup that usually includes a backdrop and a camera that is either automatic or requires a photographer. No matter what kind of photobooth you choose, you’ll always get the same results: guests who are having the time of their lives and hilarious memories to keep.

Each concept has its advantages and disadvantages. Booths are compact so they take up less space, whereas backdrop style will need ample room for the setup. Booths give instant photos to your guests, whereas a manned booth will require some wait time for your photographer to send the files to you after the wedding. Open concept photobooths will give you lots of posing space and allow for full body shots. Closed concept booths will be a tight squeeze for group shots and normally shoot from the waist or chest up, which is not necessarily a bad thing… part of the appeal is cramming as many people as you can in a photobooth shot! Backdrop booths are offered by many photographers, which can be bundled with your wedding photography package (and they are usually cheaper!), but you do need to consider assigning a photographer to be in charge of the booth.

Props are integral to photoboothing success. You can have anything from wacky hats, wigs, funny glasses, DIY speech bubbles, signs, feather boas… The sky’s the limit! Photobooth companies usually include a well-stocked prop box but if you’re DIY-ing, dollar stores and party supplies stores will be your best bet. Be creative with your props, it was awesome for us to see how our guests made use of them, and be prepared to laugh!

Reasons to Have a Photobooth

Speak to any couple who’s had a photobooth at their wedding and they’ll probably say that it was one of the best decisions they ever made. I’m one of them and I stand by that. Here are other reasons why it’s such a great idea.

  • Kill 2 birds with one stone – I’m talking about entertainment & wedding favors. A photobooth will keep your guests entertained for hours AND they get to bring home a souvenir.
  • Keeps the Kids Busy – Kids love to play with toys and dress up, they also love attention. They’ll be going through the prop box just trying out everything and getting their photos taken while you enjoy some mingling time.
  • Surefire Entertainment – The props will bring out the kid in all your guests. Be prepared to see aunts, uncles, or even grandparents act silly in front of the camera. Best of all, you get to keep proofs of the wackiness that ensued.

DIY Photobooth

To make a DIY photobooth look as good as a pro, you’ll need to rent some equipment: a pair of backdrop stands, fabric backdrop, lights, tripod, and camera if you don’t have one. Google local photography equipment rental stores for pricing, like Leo’s Camera Supply in downtown Vancouver. Explain what kind of camera you are using (point & shoot or DSLR), figure out if you will need constant lighting or flash, know what kind of backdrop you will be using, and what the lighting in the room will be like so they can make proper recommendations on equipment. Ask for instructions, and I would also recommend practicing setting it up at home and do some test shots to make sure it looks good. Going this route will save you hundreds but you’ll need some help to pull it off including setup, teardown, pick-up and return of rentals, and of course a designated photographer or two.

If you feel that the DIY route is too much work, here are some local professional photoboothers that can help (some with special promos just for Vancity Bride readers!):

Hoopla Photobooth

Hoopla Photobooth offers an open-concept photo booth for couples looking to add an element of fun and nostalgia to their wedding. We use professional-grade equipment to produce high quality prints and our packages are all-inclusive so couples receive the best value. Our booth has a modern look, but still captures the same spontaneity and charm as the traditional booth (and then some!)”

What sets you apart from the competition?
“There are lots of photo booth companies to choose from, but our booth’s design encourages more interaction amongst guests and truly spreads contagious laughter. We really enjoy working with each couple to create a unique photo strip that reflects their personalities and adds that extra “wow factor” to their big day. Lastly, we cater to brides working on tight budgets, so our packages are competitively priced for professional, high quality prints and service from start to end.”

Hoopla Photobooth has a special offer for Vancity Bride readers! Mention that you found them on Vancity Bride and get free photo frames with your booking!

Intro Rates: 2 hours $500, 3 hours $700 (prices include HST) – inquire about pricing here

Facebox Media Photo Booth

FaceBox Media Photo Booth is Vancouver’s #1 eco-friendly photo booth rental service.  We specialize in capturing special moments of you and your guests at wedding receptions, bridal showers, birthdays, corporate events, or just about any other type of celebration you can think of!  With our professionally designed custom photo templates, well-mannered on-site attendants to playful props and speech bubbles, we aim to exceed your expectations every time.”

What sets you apart from the competition?
“The open-concept FaceBox Photo Booth allows 10+ guests to get in every photo, allowing larger group shots and letting everyone in the room get in on the fun!  As a business that operates with a holistic commitment to environmental sustainability, we have identified ways to reduce our carbon footprint – from offsetting our carbon emissions, using sustainably produced fabric backdrops, powering our booth with wind energy, to planting a tree for every hour booked.  By choosing FaceBox Media Photo Booth, you and your guests are ensured a great time while also minimizing your wedding’s environmental impact!”

FaceBox Media Photo Booth has a special offer for Vancity Bride readers! Mention that you found them on Vancity Bride and get 15% off your minimum 2 hour booking! (see rates below). Bookings of 3 hours or more are eligible for complimentary eco-friendly scrapbooking, where one photo strip is given to your guest while the other is placed by their attendants in a lovely hand-made scrapbook (made of 100% recycled materials) for your guests to write notes beside.

Intro Rates: With Vancity Bride discount – 2 hours $510, 3 hours $765 – inquire about pricing here

Expressions Photo Booth

“At Expressions Photo Booth, we strive to bring fun and excitement to your next event- whether it’s a fundraiser, birthday party, corporate party or wedding, we do it all! The concept of our photo booth is to provide fun, endless memories in a fun sized picture . We provide the best designed templates in town, which our graphic designers customize just for you.”

Expressions Photo Booth

What sets you apart from the competition?
“Expressions Photo Booth caters to your event by personalizing every detail…the couple’s picture or company logo can even be placed as part of the template design. Expressions Photo Booth will even create customized designs to match the theme of your event! We use high end equipment and use hi resolution images. Our photo booth is completely portable and enclosed with privacy curtains so users can let loose and express themselves to the limit. We provide a free DVD with all the images and also a password protected online gallery where guests can view all the pictures from the night to truly reminisce and laugh a little too! We offer exceptional customer service and competitive rates to fit your tight budget. Since we cover everything from weddings, kids’ birthday parties, corporate parties, reunions and much more, our prop box is filled with unique props so you and your guests can express yourself limitlessly.”

Expressions Photo Booth has a special offer for Vancity Bride readers! Mention that you found them on Vancity Bride and get a 20% discount off their photobooth rates! This offer is valid until April 20, 2012.

Intro rates: 2 hours for $550, 3 hours for $750 – rates

Butterfly Photography

Butterfly Photography provides affordable photo booth rentals for any event. We offer customized prints to make the photo booth experience unique to the client.”

What sets you apart from the competition?
“One unique feature of our booth is the amount of people we can fit in it. We can fit up to 8 people in the booth! Furthermore, our prints come out in no more than 20 seconds and are printed on professional grade paper. We also include a lot of fun and wacky props at no additional cost where as other vendors charge for this.”

Butterfly Photography has a special offer on right now! If you book an 8 hour wedding photography package with them, you will save $50 on a 2 hour photobooth rental or $100 on a 3 hour rental.

Intro Rates: 2 hours $550, 3 hours $750 – pricelist

Smallfry Media

Smallfry Media provides photobooths for all kinds of events from weddings, and graduations to birthdays and corporate events.  We keep the same spontaneity and fun of the photobooth concept that everyone fell in love with and bring it to your event.  We create a customized design for all events so that your guests will never forget where their set of photos were taken.  Whether young or old, we guarantees laughs to be had at our photobooth.”

What sets you apart from the competition?
“The greatest factor that seperates us from the other photobooth rental companies would have to be the quality of our photos.  By building the photobooth from the grounds up, we were able to customize every inch to produce the highest quality output.  Inside our booth, you’ll find the same equipment used in a professional photo studio and even part of the structure is a big soft box to give consistent and appealing lighting.”

Smallfry Media has a special offer for Vancity Bride readers! Mention that you found them on Vancity Bride and get a 10% discount if  you book before January 31, 2012!

Intro Rates: 2 hours $550, 3 hours $750 – pricelist

Snapbox Photobooths

Snapbox Photobooths turns up the fun factor for any event. Whether it’s weddings, tradeshows, company parties, product launches, or pretty much any event you can imagine. Snapbox Photobooths provides an experience for you guests they will not forget. Our photobooth rentals come with a friendly attendant, delivery/setup/tear down, 10 second photo printing and dvd of all photos on the spot. We use the latest and greatest technology in our modern stylish looking photobooths and offer a wealth of options and customization for any event.”

What sets you apart from the competition?
“Not all photobooths are created equal. We offer a solid one piece “brain” of the photobooth which houses the latest and greatest image and lighting technology coupled with a soft curtain enclosure for privacy which allows the booth accommodate up to 15 people in one shot (that’s the record so far anyway).”

Snapbox Photobooths has a special offer for Vancity Bride readers! Mention that you found them on Vancity Bride and get free duplicate prints for photostrips with your booking! 

Intro Rates: 2 hours for $600, 3 hours for $750 – pricelist

Hidden Design Photobooth

Hidden Design Photography PhotoBooths are run by passionate and professional photographers that aims to provide a solution that tops all other booths currently available in Lower Mainland.”

What sets you apart from the competition?
“In terms of design, we put photo quality and print speed at the top of our priority list. Let me explain what makes a perfect print. Firstly, there is the camera being used to record the initial images, we use the same professional camera we employ in our wedding photography. It allows us to capture crystal clear negatives which are then used in the final stitching of the multiple image print.  Secondly, our lighting allows people to look stunning in their silly poses. Thirdly, what fun is a photobooth if the guests have to wait in long lines before they can get their photos? Our photobooth produces a print in about 6 seconds. That is, right after the photo capturing sequence is completed and they walk around to the printer slot, the print is already sitting there waiting for them. We have done events with over 800 guests and produced about 300 prints in 4 hours. ”

Hidden Design Photography PhotoBooths has a special offer for Vancity Bride readers! Mention that you found them on Vancity Bride and get 2 hours of photoboothing for $500 (reg. $600) with unlimited 4×6 prints and a free prop box! This offer is valid until December 31, 2013.

Intro Rates: 2 hours $600, 3 hours $750 – pricelist

Butter Photobooth

Butter Photobooth is a division of Butter Media Inc. One of the first pioneers in photo booth rental companies in Vancouver, the owners Gina and Chris Chong made it a mission to provide photo booth rental service that provide a high quality product and fabulous client service pre, during and post event! Their photo booths are very portable, enclosed to ensure wackiness with privacy, and prints out lab-quality photographs within’ seconds of using it. Butter Photobooth has been a part of hundreds of weddings, corporate events, and many fundraisers. Butter Photobooth also heavily believes in giving back to the community and has sponsored many non-profit organizations’ events!”

What sets you apart from the competition?
“Butter Photobooth was one of the first photo booth rental companies in Vancouver. Not only do your guests get to keep a high-quality photo print when they use the booth, but you as the organizer also receive a CD of all the high quality digital photo files. Their team ensures a smooth process right from the start, whether it is at the inquiry/booking stage, or when it comes time to design your personalized logo for the photo prints! Butter Photobooth puts your satisfaction at top priority and will work with you for the best customized solution for your Wedding or Event!”

Intro Rates: 2 hours for $600, 3 hours for $750 - pricelist

Photobooth Vancouver

“We are Vancouver’s first Photobooth company and we have served hundreds of brides. We are perfectionists when it comes to offering the best photobooth services in the city. For us, the recipe for a great photobooth is the highest quality photos possible, our photos make amazing enlargements. We want our clients to cherish their disk of pictures and enjoy them for years after the wedding”

What sets you apart from the competition?
“Our perfect flattering lighting, exposure, and luxurious backgrounds set us a part. Our photobooths are elegant and solid black, designed to fit into formal decor and accommodate all of Vancouver’s venues. The prints are the perfect favor for your guests to take home. Our in house graphic designers will help you design a logo to make the print totally unique. We have seen photobooths completely transform the atmosphere of a reception. Guests LOVE it! Photobooths are universally entertaining for all ages. For the summer of 2012 we are happy to offer 4 hour rentals for $1000.00 if you book between December and April 2012.”

Photobooth Vancouver has a special offer for Vancity Bride readers! For summer 2012 weddings, they are offering 4 hour rentals for $1,000 if you book between December 2011 and April 2012. Mention that you found them on Vancity Bride and get an additional 10% off your booking!

Intro Rates: 2 hours for $600, $300 each additional hour - pricelist

No matter what kind of photobooth you select, a successful photobooth experience depends on how much your guests want to have fun and of course… a well-stocked propbox!

So… after seeing all these fabulous photos… will you be having a photobooth at your wedding?

Feature photo courtesy Butterfly Photography
All other photos provided by Butter Photobooth, Butterfly Photography, Facebox Media Photo Booths, Generation Photography, Hoopla Photobooth, Photobooth Vancouver, Smallfry Media, and Snapbox Photobooths.
Mouse over each photo to identify the photobooth company.

Photobooth rates are current to the date posted and may change at any time at the vendor’s discretion.

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