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Ask the Pros: Wedding Insurance

March 25th, 2015 by Jeannine

Ask the Pros: Wedding Insurance

You have it for your car, your house, your pet, and your life… but did you know you can get one for your wedding too? I’m talking about wedding insurance and it can be a hot topic, especially since it’s something couples don’t consider right away when they draw up their wedding budget. I decided to ask Principal Wedding Planner Briar Johnston of Epic Events (Vancity Vendor) and Nancy Wells, independent insurance broker and president of NW Insurance Brokers Ltd., for their insights on this topic.

Epic Events - Photo Courtesy Robyn Michelle Lee Photography

What is covered?

To give you an idea of what wedding insurance covers, let’s take a look at WedEnsure, a division of NW Insurance. Their Full Wedding Insurance Package covers 12 areas including event cancellation or postponement, failure of suppliers, damages to certain aspects of a wedding including attire, rings, transportation, and rentals. For the full list, click here. They also offer event liability or host liquor liability insurance which some venues require.

Briar: “There are many wedding venues that require couples to get insurance before they are able to host the event. These venues are typically ones where you are able to just rent the space (halls, galleries, parks etc) and bring in your own catering. Usually hotels and ballrooms don’t make couples get additional insurance and so it is not something they consider. I recommend to all couples just for the added comfort for them and their guests.”

Nancy: “The Stand Alone Liability (Commercial General Liability) covers Bodily Injury and Property Damage for which the insured becomes legally obligated in case of a third party claim made against them.”

Epic Events - photo by Whitney Lane Photography

How common is it for couples to get wedding insurance?

With weddings averaging at $25,000 and up, Nancy says that they have couples coming in to purchase the Stand Alone Liability (Commercial General Liability) frequently, as a lot of venues require it upon receipt of final deposit. For couples planning more luxurious weddings, Nancy finds that they often opt for the Full Wedding Insurance Coverage.

How much does it cost?

Nancy says that insurance premiums are hugely dependent on the budget and size of your event. The Stand Alone Liability ranges from $165 to $600 depending on how large your guest list is and what limits you’ve chosen. As for the Full Coverage, the higher your budget, the higher your premiums and it can range from $300 to up to $2,200.

Epic Events - photo by Gucio Photography

Why do couples get wedding insurance?

Simply put, to protect your investment. Planning a wedding usually takes at least a year, sometimes longer, and anything can happen. A vendor can suddenly go out of business, your wedding may be postponed for a reason or the wedding may even be called off. Most of your vendors have signed contracts with you in case cancellations like these happen as standard practice (to protect their business). These leaves couples on the hook for their deposits and that can add up to a good chunk of lost cash. Both Briar and Nancy encourage couples to really think about wedding insurance, regardless of their budget.

Briar: “I always suggest to couples that they do some homework on getting event insurance just as an added protection for themselves should anything hapen to the venue or their guests. You would never want any large venue damage or an injured guest ruin you financially after the wedding should anything come up.”

Nancy: “It is important that couples consider Wedding Event Liability insurance, when you look at the fact that most weddings invite well over 100 guests so many things can and do go wrong.”

Epic Events - Photo Courtesy Ophelia Photography

What would a couple submit a claim for?

There are many reasons claims may be filed before the wedding due to unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances but things can arise during the wedding that may cost the bride and groom some extra cash. Nancy recalls a claim where some guests had a little too much to drink and went on to damage certain areas of the venue. The venue then approached the couple to reimburse them for the damages, which added up to a few thousand dollars. After spending a lot on your event, wedding insurance can help prevent additional, unplanned expenses that may not even be incurred by you.

Epic Events - photo by Carol-Ann Photography

Thank you Nancy and Briar for sharing your two cents on this topic. Please visit their social media pages below to find out more about them:

Epic Events | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Vancity Vendor profile

NW Insurance Brokers Ltd. | Website | WedEnsure

What do you think, brides and grooms? Does this change your mind about getting wedding insurance? Would you consider it or not?

Prices quoted are accurate to the date published and can be changed without notice.

Photographer credits: Shutterstock (feature photo)… all others are weddings by Epic Events and courtesy Robyn Michelle Lee Photography, Whitney Lane Photography (Vancity Vendor), Gucio Photography, Ophelia Photography, Carol-Ann Photography (Vancity Vendor)

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