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Get Motivated!

January 13th, 2014 by Jeannine

Get Motivated!

Do you resolve to get fit this year? If not for the new year, an impending wedding is probably one of the best motivators for a woman. After all, you’d want to look your best in all your wedding photos! But it’s not all about looks, the more important result is the huge improvement in your health and energy once you get in shape. In 2010, I was 125 lbs. I lost 10 lbs by being disciplined and by working hard, but I never would’ve been able to do it if it weren’t for these factors in my life.

  • The right gym – I’ve worked out in 5 gyms, and I definitely have my favourites (Thompson Community Centre in Richmond, Port Moody Recreation Centre, Club 16 in Coquitlam, and now my building’s current gym). What made me enjoy them was the environment, variety of equipment, distance, and price. Find out the qualities you like in a gym and choose the one that would best suit your needs. If you like going to the gym, it’ll be easier to drag your butt off the couch.
  • The perfect workout – I consulted websites such as Muscle and Strength and Bodybuilding.com for workout programs that will help achieve my goals. Cardio alone won’t do anything so mix it up with some weight training days for maximum results. The way I did it was 3 days of weight training and cardio and 1 day of spinning a week. Don’t forget to keep challenging yourself by increasing intensity as time goes by.
  • A workout partner – Having a workout partner is a great motivation to work out because you don’t want to let each other down. See if one of your bridesmaids would be interested in working out with you. A personal trainer isn’t a bad idea either but the costs can add up. With a personal trainer, you’re more obligated to go because, well, you paid for their services, you might as well go! Either way, they are a wealth of advice and information on how to attain your goals, even if you only have the occasional session with them.
  • Diet is important too! – You may be exercising like crazy but the way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you take in. This is where discipline comes in… Diet was where I struggled the most because I had to pay attention to portion sizes, avoid junk food, and count every calorie I take in. That doesn’t mean you have to live off bland whole wheat pasta and rice cakes… Find snacks that are healthy like veggies, nuts (in moderation), or maybe some granola (I recommend Granola Girl and Love Crunch granola). Make lifestyle changes you can maintain.

Update: September 8, 2014 – My latest routine has proven to be quite effective. I work out 4 days a week and mix it up between Spin class, Pilates, and yoga

A friend of mine showed me this website called Spark People. It’s such a positive community with great tools like a fitness tracker and nutrition tracker. It can help determine how much calories you should ideally be taking in and how much exercise you should be doing each week. The forums are awesome for advice and reading people’s stories really helps motivate you even more. This website deserves a lot of credit to my weight loss. You can also download an app called MyFitnessPal which works the same way as Spark People.

The true challenge is keeping this lifestyle after the wedding is over. Yes, I’ve fallen off the wagon, but I’ve started over, found my motivation again and I’m serious about it this time. If you need more motivation, work towards a goal and reward yourself when you achieve it. Make the reward something you really really want and won’t normally splurge on. Another thing that got my butt off the couch was a very unflattering photo of me. When I didn’t want to go to the gym, I would think about that terrible photo and I get up pretty quickly after that.

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