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Which Wedding Favor Should You Choose?

June 16th, 2014 by Jeannine

Which Wedding Favor?

A wedding favor is a token of gratitude, a souvenir if you will, for guests who have attended your wedding. It’s customary to have them but how do you decide on what to give? It really depends on what you are going for so let’s try to narrow it down, shall we?

You want…

… something sentimentalĀ - if you want something your guests can hang onto as a nice memento of your wedding, you can go for little personalized tokens as wedding favours or even a nice photo of you and your hubby to be in little picture frames or fridge magnets.

… something practical – if you want something your guests can use and won’t collect dust on the shelf, consider little kitchen gadgets like wine stoppers, wine glass markers, salt and pepper shakers, coasters or even measuring spoons! I received heart shaped measuring spoons and even though they look a little cheesy, I use them just as much as my normal ones… and they’re even better quality! Bath products such as soaps, bath salts, and lotions would be nice too but make sure you have male equivalents for the guys.

… something unexpected – find something that will serve to entertain guests as well as give them a souvenir such as photo booths! Your guests will have a blast trying out different props and posing for the camera and they will get a copy of their photo to take home.

… something you’ve made yourself – there’s nothing more personal than items you’ve made yourself… a mixed CD of your favourite tunes, homemade cards, homemade treats… or how about making a little video of thanks and present them in little flash drives! Use your strengths to create something lovely that your guests will appreciate.

… something edible – to me, edible favours are always a winner… especially if they satisfy my sweet tooth. You can’t go wrong with food as favours, just be wary of people with allergies… maybe try to keep it nut-free at least and have special gluten-free ones for those who cannot consume gluten. If sweets aren’t your thing, packets of tea, little pouches of coffee, or spices would be an interesting souvenir too, perfect for foodie couples. You can also have a candy or dessert bar with little bags people can fill and take home so those who want a favour will have some, and those who don’t need not bother.

… something green – if you want to be green, how about little packets of seeds of your favourite flowers or herbs so your guests can plant them in their gardens? Or perhaps small plants in pots, which can also serve as a table decoration or centrepiece. Imagine a number of pretty plants of different sizes at the middle of the table and at the end of the night, your guests can each take one home. If you go this route, I think it’s acceptable to have one plant pot per couple or family… which will help lessen your bill too.

… something that represents your theme – luggage tags for travel themed weddings, sunglasses for beach weddings, Christmas ornaments for holiday weddings, and the list goes on!

Hope this helps narrow down your choices. Feel free to comment below and let us know what your wedding favours will be. Remember, you don’t NEED to have wedding favours. It’s perfectly okay not to have them so don’t feel pressured :)

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