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What I Would Do Differently: Photography

August 4th, 2014 by Jeannine

What I Would Do Differently: Photography

Life throws a lot of curveballs at you and mine in particular allows me to plan another wedding in the future… which leads me to reflect on what I would do differently from the previous one. Don’t get me wrong, I had an awesome time at that wedding and it was beautiful… but as with everything, things can be improved… so here goes.

  • I loved my photographer, but he was also a friend and I felt like he wasn’t able to enjoy himself at all because he was working. I would rather¬†have all my guests relaxing and having fun rather than working.
  • I would allot more time for photos. I think we only had 2 hours at 2 locations, including travel time, which was very very tight. I would get ready earlier to allow for ample photo session time.
  • I would wear comfy shoes under my dress. We had to walk on gravel and grass… not good for fancy shoes, even though they were wedges. You really can’t see the shoes in photos unless you lift up your dress so next time, I’m bringing a set of flip flops.
  • I would splurge on an album next time. I made my own wedding album through Photobook Canada and while that turned out well, I wasn’t too happy with the paper quality. So for next time, I will get the real deal.
  • I would’ve dressed up more for my engagement shoot. I felt that we looked too casual. While it was reflective of us as a couple, I figured since¬†we are getting professional photos taken, I should go the whole nine yards with hair and makeup as well as a nice dress.
  • I would be patient next time and wait for a better day to get our engagement photos done. It was kind of gloomy when we went and I basically forced it to happen that day. Next time, I will wait or find a nice indoor spot.

What I Would Keep the Same

  • I would still do the First Look and photos before the ceremony. I still don’t believe in the superstition and this works well for time management.
  • I would still have an engagement session. It was a great test run with the photographer so by the wedding day, it was pretty comfortable working together.
  • I would still have 2 photographers for the day. More angles and more photo ops… I loved how my photographer and his assistant worked well together.

Stay tuned for my next instalment of What I Would Do Differently!

Feature photo from Shutterstock

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