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What Would I Do Differently: Wedding Dress Shopping

October 8th, 2014 by Jeannine


It’s time for another edition of WWIDD and I want to talk about wedding dress shopping. I bought my wedding dress (a strapless ivory satin A-Line Ella Rosa gown) at Bryan’s Bride (now Brentwood Bridal). I kid you not, it was the first dress I tried on and the 5 or 6 dresses I tried after just couldn’t compare. It was also $900 so I was pretty happy that it was within my budget. It could’ve been worse… I could’ve ended up liking this silk dress with pickups that I saw in a magazine that was $1,600… Of course I tried it on and it looked horrible on me. Anyway, I loved my dress and it was perfect for that phase in my life, now I’m not so sure. So here’s what I would do differently for next time…

  • Shop more – I felt like I didn’t really have the full bridal dress shopping experience because I found it so quickly. So I think next time I will hit at least 2 stores before making a final decision.
  • Try other styles – I wish I had tried on more styles. I basically stuck with strapless and A-Line dresses and maybe one or two slimmer styles. I would’ve loved to try more fit and flare or perhaps dresses with cap sleeves or off the shoulder. There was a piece of me that regretted buying my dress too fast.
  • No more corset – The reason I couldn’t eat much at dinner was because my corset was too tight and I didn’t have time to get anyone to loosen it for me. Lesson learned. Oh and I would wear the back panel instead of keeping it bare.

As for bridesmaid dresses… Only one thing comes to mind.

My future bridesmaids will be wearing short black dresses in the style they want so they can wear it again. A lot of bridesmaid dresses, including the ones I chose, although they are beautiful, can be a waste of money if you can only wear it once. If it needs to be a certain colour, I would still get them to choose their own style and I will let the zipper vs corset be their decision.

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