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Etsy Finds: Bridal Shower Goodies

June 17th, 2015 by Jeannine

Etsy Finds: Bridal Shower Goodies

It’s bridal shower season for those with summer weddings! I went on the hunt for some cool stuff again on Etsy… this time for some neat props and decor for throwing a bridal shower! Bridesmaids, hope you find what you’re looking for here!

Bridal Hangers by Hangers by Candi | $25 CAD | Buy online

Hangers by Candi

These hangers would make awesome bridal shower gifts… a nice memento from the wedding day and will look great in photos. Not to mention, easily reusable! You can even ask to personalize them with a name. As a bonus, this Etsy seller is from Vancouver and is the side gig of one of my Vancity Vendors, A Day To Remember Weddings and Events. You can also find Hangers by Candi on Facebook so give them a like!

Bride to Be Sash by Lauren Lash Designs | $18+ USD | Buy online

Lauren Lash Designs

I love this lace sash! It’s so feminine and sweet, I’m sure your bride-to-be would be proud to wear this! You can even request a different colour of flower to match the decor.

Recipe cards by Art by Heart Prints | $7 USD | Buy online

Art Heart Prints

This is for brides who love to cook! Purchase this download and print as many cards as you want. Send these cards out with the bridal shower invitation, have your guests write out their favourite recipe, and bring it back to the shower for the bride to collect. It’s a very sweet gesture and I’m sure the bride will appreciate trying out all these new recipes!

Bridal Bingo by Creative Union Design | $5 USD | Buy online

Creative Union Design

Turn present-opening into a game and have your guests play Bridal Shower Bingo! It’ll give your guests something fun to do and at the same time, the bride won’t be too self-conscious while opening her presents. Sounds like a fun idea!

How old was the bride here game by Sincerely Kristi | $10 USD | Buy online

Sincerely Kristi

Another neat game and all you need are some childhood photos of the bride and this download you can purchase. The example shows the photos in a collage frame but you can also string the photos together with a garland or tape the photos to a wall.

Circle garlands by Lucy Birdy | $10+ USD | Buy online

Lucy Birdy

Add some glitz to the event with these super cute gold glitter garlands. If it’s not your thing, they have them in other colours too!

Bridal Libs by Sweet Lola Design | $16 USD | Buy online

Sweet Lola Design

Who loves mad libs? Here’s a bridal shower version by Sweet Lola Design! Just purchase, download and print :) Get creative with your responses! The more random, the better :P

Wine cork keeper by Bragging Bags | $25+ USD | Buy online

Bragging Bags

This is such a great idea for the bride who’s a wine aficionado. Imagine holding a wine themed bridal shower where guests bring their favourite bottle of wine or wine related gifts like glasses or tools… and this beautiful frame to collect the corks in.

Wifey shirt by The Sticker Place | $16.99+ USD | Buy online

The Sticker Place

I love this cute Wifey shirt. An awesome bridal shower gift or give it to the bride-to-be before the shower and have her wear it that day!

Personalized confetti by Twisted Tree Occasions | $6 USD | Buy online

Twisted Tree Occasions

Talk about thinking about every little detail! The couple’s initials and wedding date are printed in each little piece of confetti which will then be strewn about on the tables to make things a little more festive. What a neat idea!

Which is your favourite? Leave a comment and let me know! Happy bridal shower planning!

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