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Vancity Vendor – Notebook Weddings

January 13th, 2012 by Jeannine

Vancity Vendor: Notebook Weddings

If you browse through the wedding section at any bookstore you can easily be overwhelmed by how many wedding planning workbooks there are and usually, they’re inapplicable because (a) they’re American and (b) they’re too generic. Local entrepreneur Jillian Christison took it upon herself to improve the wedding workbook concept by creating Notebook Weddings.

Her Notebook is a personal wedding planning book tailored to your needs. It guides you through the entire process and includes at least 3 vendor recommendations for each category and extra room on the pages for notes you may want to take. It doesn’t even matter what stage of the process you’re at. When you have a consultation with Jillian, she will determine your game plan from whatever your starting point is and will only do research for the remaining vendors you’ve yet to hire.

For $497, you get a hardbound book meant for you to take to vendor interviews. Also included are helpful tips, to-do lists and reminders to make sure all your bases are covered, and, best of all, they are customized to your timeline. At the end of it all, it becomes a nice wedding keepsake. Once you get the book, she will be in touch monthly to see how you are doing and will be able to answer questions should you need more help. Jillian recommends couples to have a consultation with her when they have a good grasp on what they want their event to be like, including budget and theme. This way, they will get a more detailed and customized book. If plans change, Jillian says she will do her best to accommodate the couple, within reason. It takes 2 weeks for a book to be completed. Jillian is also a wedding consultant and day of coordinator, should you require her service on the day of your wedding as well.

Jillian is currently offering 15% off the purchase of a Notebook planner – offer expires on January 31, 2012.

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A Few Words With Jillian…

What are the benefits of having this book? How does it compare to having an actual planner?
“The benefits of this book are that it’s like a one stop shop for everything needed to plan a wedding.  It saves the couple time by providing all the information that they specifically will need and use to plan their wedding.  It also documents an important chapter in the their lives, enabling them to look back, remember and enjoy it in the future.  And in terms of price, it offers a more affordable option than other wedding planners.”

How do you accommodate brides with lower budgets?
“By providing them with reputable vendors that are within their budget and also helping them to brainstorm and look for creative and less expensive ways to have a wonderful wedding!”

What sets you apart from others in the same field? 
“I think that it’s my book that does this.  There really isn’t an alternative option to the more expensive wedding planner out there, and by providing my notebook planner, I hope to reach those couples who simply need a kick start and a little help to get them going.  My goal is to make sure that couples enjoy the engagement process.  Getting married should FUN, and too many times, I hear brides talk about how stressed out they are planning their wedding.  Your wedding lasts a day at most, yet your engagement period can last up to over a year for some.  Why make it stressful?  My book and my guidance will help to alleviate some of that stress.”

What do you enjoy most about your job?
“I love seeing a plan come together!  I enjoy the interaction with both the couple, and working with the vendors to produce a spectacular event.”

How do you handle unforeseen problems on the wedding day? Can you give an example of a problem that you solved on the spot?
“My thought in this is that it’s always wise to keep a cool head on your shoulder.  If the bride sees you panicking, you’re not going to do much good to an already touchy situation, whatever that may be.  Stay calm and don’t panic!  There will be enough people doing that!  I had a wedding last January where the florist left with one bouquet short for one of the flower girls.  We were about an hour before walking down the aisle.  I contacted the florist right away, and within the hour, she had sped back to her studio, made the bouquet, and sped back up to West Vancouver literally with 3 minutes to spare.  In the meantime, I had to think of an alternative in case this wasn’t going to pan out.  As it turned out, the flower vases on the cocktail tables were the perfect size for a make shift bouquet.  All I needed was elastic to bunch them together.  But it all worked out in the end, and the wedding was a success.”

Some people think wedding planning and coordination is an extra expense, what are your thoughts on that?
“I agree, it is an extra expense, however one has to sit back and evaluate if having a coordinator will add value to the engagement process.  If you are someone who is limited in time, or can’t handle stress that well, then I would definitely think that hiring a coordinator would be well worth the cost in the end.  Your engagement should be a fun and exciting time, not stressful.”

If you had to plan a wedding in 3 months, how would you tackle that?
“Get the big things done first.  Get your venue secured, and your guest list completed as soon as possible.  I would also say that brides having a short engagement need to realize that they don’t have the amount of time to really focus on details, and getting exactly everything they want.  It’s important that they understand this and can be prepared to be flexible.  Have a read.  This is a great little article.”

If you had one piece of advice for a bride and groom, what would it be? 
“What EVERYONE told my husband and I.  On the day of your wedding, take MANY moments to just sit back, and take it all in, because it really does go by soooooo quickly!  Enjoy yourselves, and don’t panic if something goes wrong, as something most likely will.”

To contact Jillian, visit her website.
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Notebook photos by Therese Koster, the rest are provided by Notebook Weddings

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