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Vancity Vendor: Soirée Lounge & Soirée Planners

May 2nd, 2014 by Jeannine

Vancity Vendor: Soirée Lounge & Soirée Planners

Soirée Lounge - Jelger + Tanja Photography If you’ve been walking around Yaletown, you may have come across a place called the Soirée Lounge on Mainland Street. It is event planner Kim Trehan’s brainchild. It is a complimentary event planning studio providing brides and industry vendors a space dedicated to providing inspiration and assistance in planning the big day. Couples can come in, sit on their comfy couches, browse through the portfolios of their vetted wedding vendors, and for some additional help, there are in-house planners that you can consult with. It’s a great place to hang out and talk wedding! They also have some decor samples for you to look through so you can figure out what look you want to go for.

Soirée Lounge - Jelger + Tanja Photography

Kim Trehan - photo by Jelger + Tanja Photography Kim also offers full service wedding planning and day of coordination under their boutique planning company, Soirée Planners. She has been in the wedding industry for 4 years and has been a part of around 100 weddings to date. Day of Coordination rates start at $950 and full planning package rates depend on the client’s budget and how intricate the event will be. To find out more about Soirée Planners and Soirée Lounge, visit their social media links below:

Soirée Lounge website | Facebook | Twitter
Soirée Planners website | Facebook | Twitter

Of course, you can also visit Kim and the rest of the Soirée Planners at the Soirée Lounge: 1006 Mainland Street, Vancouver – map

Soiree Lounge - photo by Leanne Pedersen

A Few Words With Kim…

Soiree Lounge - photo by Tomasz Wagner What made you decide to create the Soiree Lounge? What kind of feedback have you received from brides who use it?
“When I switched from corporate to weddings, I saw all the loopholes in this booming industry. The brides were (and still are) being called bridezilla, the meetings were in crowded coffee shops, the experience was something else. It was then that I decided to bring about a change into the industry. After all, no bride should be called a bridezilla. It’s an awful way to address someone who is going through a perfectly normal fluctuation of hormones.  The woman is getting married for heaven’s sake!

Then there was the fun element that was missing from the most important day of people’s lives.  I was determined that bring that back. I was also determined to bring a sense of community and belonging into the wedding industry for the professionals in it. No more crowded coffee shops, no more flakey vendors failing to perform and stressing brides out, but way more of collaborations, exception customer service and amazing experiences.

The brides who are coming in and using the lounge are loving it. They walk out feeling relieved and well-informed about what to do when planning their big day.”

Soiree Lounge - photo by Marlo St. James

Soiree Lounge - photo by Leanne Pedersen What do you have to offer for brides with lower budgets?
“A luxury experience.  An opportunity to feel relaxed and just as special as someone with a higher budget.  We offer tips and advice on where they can cut costs and save money and also pair them with vetted vendors who are more willing to work with a lower budget bride.  But, as mentioned, irregardless of the budget, the brides are all offered their glass of champagne and are given an equal dose of tender, love and care.”

What sets you apart from others in the same field?
“The fact that there is no other lounge or wedding planning studio in the whole of lower mainland. I would say that is sufficient in setting us apart :-)

What do you enjoy most about your job?
“Getting a hug from my brides.”

Soiree Lounge - photo by Marlo St. James

How do you choose the vendors in your list?
“We have an intense interview with each vendor and most importantly we look at their personality.  We will only bring those vendors on board who are professional, friendly and customer service oriented.  Our vendors are informed that if we receive just one negative feedback about them, they will no longer be a part of the Soirée Lounge.”

Soiree Lounge - photo by Tomasz Wagner

If you had one piece of advice for a bride and groom, what would it be?
“Hmmm… I would offer two pieces of advice.  Create a budget & hire a day-of coordinator. Don’t just meet with vendors and decide that the price sounds reasonable so you’ll hire them.  Create a budget and then interview the vendors. If you like the vendor, inform them of your budget and see if they can help you work with it.  Most times they will – if the budget is reasonable. Hiring a day-of coordinator is a necessity.  I’m the first to admit that you can plan your wedding on your own but having a day-of co-ordinator is just a must have. It’s just as important as your dress, if not more.”

Soiree Lounge - photo by Tomasz Wagner

To contact Kim, visit her website.
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All photos were provided by Kim Trehan

Photographer credits: Jelger + Tanja Photography, Marlo St. James, Leanne Pedersen, Tomasz Wagner

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