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Vancity Vendor – Unique Boutique

February 24th, 2012 by Jeannine

Vancity Vendor: Unique Boutique

Jayme Carter always had her hands in some sort of craft. She made bath bombs, lotions, and eventually got into silk floral arrangements. She took that one step further when a friend asked for her help with her wedding flowers. Jayme took floral design courses and after creating some beautiful bouquets, she was hooked. She decided to open a Unique Boutique.

If you hire Unique Boutique for your floral needs, you can take advantage of Jayme’s added services such as decor rentals (including setup and teardown), day of coordination services (rates starting at $400), and wedding invitation services. There is no upcharge whenever she has to outsource supplies, and any savings she acquires will always be passed along to her clients.

Jayme says she’s done bridal bouquets for as low as $30 and as high as $200, so she can definitely work with any budget. For instance, to help with the costs, she uses Ecuadorian roses (without upcharging) because they are more open than local roses, which means you don’t need a lot to make a full bouquet. A lot of creative energy always goes into her bouquets. She loves adding texture to her work using a variety of flowers, greenery, and also embellishments like rhinestones, brooches, and wires. Jayme keeps up to date with floral trends by checking out various blogs and subscribing to floral magazines from Australia and England. It’s a great way to get inspiration for new colour choices, shapes and texture.

Unique Boutique is a Hart House Restaurant preferred vendor. (Read about the Hart House Restaurant here.) For more information and photos of her work, have a look at her website and be a fan on Facebook. She also just started using Twitter so be sure to follow her there too!

A Few Words With Jayme…

What do you have to offer to brides with lower budgets?
“I can work within any budget. I am the queen of double functioning. So if something is used in the ceremony, it can be double functioned in the reception… even your pew bows, like if you have flowers on the pews, those can be used for your sign and table arrangement, so why pay twice? I sometimes do myself in because brides want a lot of flowers but even things like your bouquets, why do flowers for the head table when your bouquet serves no purpose once your photographer is done with them, right? So I like to double function as much as possible. And if brides have really strict budget, whatever they want, within reason, I can generally work it. It might be that it’s a bit smaller or use greenery to add filler.”

What kinds of flowers would you suggest for brides on a budget?
“People think orchids are outrageously expensive but they’re not. It just depends how much you want and where you use them. Gerbera daisies are inexpensive, you can do a nice little hand-tied bouquet for $30 with Gerbera daisies and it’s a nice size. Some brides want Callas, well Callas are more expensive than roses, it’s ridiculous but it’s a fact. I give them ways that they can cut costs without reducing the impact that they want.”

What do you enjoy most about your job?
“It’s very creative. Being a florist can be very challenging at times because we’re at the mercy of the growers, we’re at the mercy of the importers. However, it’s a very artistic outlet. Generally, I can honestly say 99% of my brides are awesome. I have no unreasonable brides. And even when things don’t work out, often times, they don’t even know anyways. I make it so they can’t even tell that I had to make do with something else.”

What’s the most creative arrangement you’ve come up with?
“I had a very lovely client, who I did his whole family’s weddings, and he was very artistic, works for the film industry. Him and his fiancé came up with little equisetum in a circle with orchids wrapped around it in a square vase. It was very understated but it was very different. I will say, the coolest bouquet I did was on a wire cage. It was white phaleonopsis and some ivy in it. It was just something very different. I like being able to step outside the box.”

What are your favourite flowers to work with?
“I love orchids because they’re understated. They lend a bit of tropical flair. Roses are overdone, it’s not that I don’t like them, I’m not really a fan. I actually love some flowers where it’s more intense colours rather than pale or pastel colours.”

You mentioned you’ve worked with silk flowers before, do you find that it’s the more economical choice?
“No, because if you’re buying good quality silk, they cost almost more than fresh. The only advantage is that your silk will last forever whereas fresh will last for a week or two.”

What’s the easiest way to transform a room?
“Chair covers. Depending on the venue, it’s the one thing that can change the room drastically. Some venues don’t have the nicest chairs so the chair covers really change the place drastically.”

If you had one piece of advice for the bride and groom, what would it be?
“Don’t let everybody bamboozle you into doing what they want. I see some brides come with their entire family and they get vetoed every time. I feel really bad when brides and grooms have to make everyone happy. The day is about them, not about everyone else. Even though perhaps your family is paying at some point, you have to say this is important to me and I find some brides don’t get to say that and it’s a shame.”

To contact Jayme, visit her website.
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Feature photo courtesy Vanessa Voth Photography
Other photos Courtesy Robyn Michelle Lee Photography, Stone Photo, The Image of You, Cora’s Photography, and Sakura Photography.

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