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Vancity Vendor – PN Events and Celebrations

March 25th, 2011 by Jeannine

Priscilla helps a client

All Photos Courtesy PN Events and Celebrations

I had a chance to chat with a Vancouver-based event planner and day-of-coordinator, Priscilla Nunez.  She owns and operates PN Events and Celebrations, a company that plans events such as birthday parties for all ages, corporate events, and of course, weddings!

Priscilla has a background in marketing and entrepreneurial management from BCIT and Royal Roads University respectively.  Her experience in event planning goes back 12 years, her previous jobs have given her the opportunity to plan all sorts of parties. Her diverse portfolio includes children’s theme birthday parties, a travel industry trade show, and holiday events at Brentwood Mall such as mall trick-or-treating and Santa Claus appearances.  She has done 8 weddings so far, and also planned other wedding-related events such as bridal showers and brunches.  Her company may be relatively new but says she is very eager to help all couples, especially those with lower budgets.

One-on-one consultations cost $25/hr. Free estimates are available for other packages. It involves a discussion with the bride and groom about their wedding vision, then Priscilla figures out the best and most cost-effective package that will suit them.  She offers full event planning packages starting at $700, which could be increased depending on the complexity of the event.  Bundle pricing is also an option if Priscilla is required to organize other wedding-related activities such as stags/stagettes, showers, gift opening brunch, etc.  She accepts payments thru Paypal.

A Few Words With Priscilla…

Why do you want to cater to low budget brides?
“I feel that everyone deserves to have the most special wedding day, full of beautiful memories and a celebration that truly represents in an authentic manner the bride and groom, their family and their culture.  Secondly, it’s important to understand that what we see in magazines and television is not necessarily what we all really need, but taking ideas seen in other places can definitely be incorporated into the planning of a wedding at any budget level. No budget is ever enough for what’s available out there, so truly, saying that I wish to cater to the “low-budget brides” is actually letting all brides know that money is only one part of the entire equation and that with careful planning, even if it’s last-minute, anything is possible when you really try, and ‘I am always ready and willing to try’ to help the bride.”

What sets you apart from others in the same field?
“I have a real good sense of understanding and thinking from the perspective of my potential client. When working with the bride and groom, I want them to feel as comfortable as possible with me; I want them to feel that they can be as honest and open with their ideas and desires when speaking with me. I find that my personality, along with my cultural background and my experience in event planning allow me to be quite flexible and creative in terms of organizing any wedding related event. I love helping the maid of honour or the best man prepare the bachelor and bachelorette party, I also enjoy taking the stress away from the wedding party on rehearsal day and assisting with rehearsal dinners, bridal showers require often a lot more work then family members anticipate and it’s my pleasure to be the one who can foresee and plan in advance accordingly.”

What do you enjoy most about your job?
“What I enjoy the most about my job is the gratifying feeling I get when everything planned blends smoothly and I see the smiles and feeling of contentment in my clients’ faces. That’s what I enjoy most. Planning and finding the right supplier for whatever it is that we need at the most cost effective price is also one of my greatest pleasures. Something I have found to be true, is that no matter what type of budget, large or small, there hasn’t been a bride who wasn’t happy to find out that they got exactly or even better then what they expected at a better price.”

If you had to plan a wedding in 3 months, how would you deal with it?
“Funny you asked! My wedding was planned exactly in three months and I couldn’t believe how grand of an affair it became with only three months of planning! But how would I deal with it? It’s simple! Step one: meet with the couple and discuss their wish list. Step two: work together taking each item on the list and prioritizing accordingly. It’s pretty much a guarantee that the couple will be surprised to find out that there are other elements to consider such as Liquor Licenses or waiting lists for specific bookings, but overall the surprises are usually positive ones, where most items on the list are easily achieved when a person who is a professional in this industry can make arrangements quickly with a couple of phone calls and a friendly smile.”

Describe a wedding-related problem you’ve encountered and how you solved it.
“In my experience there are a two most common dilemmas encountered during the planning of a wedding: family members not coming to an agreement on certain decisions and the heightened stress due to the emotional journey the couple goes through, mixed with excitement and anxiety.  Both can always be solved with patience and open communication. To me it’s very important that the couple realizes and feels the value and weight of the celebration behind the wedding. A wedding represents a Marriage, it represents a vow publicly announced between two people promising to love and cherish one another for the rest of their lives, and this is no easy feat in any way especially in our modern society. So when planning a wedding, I like to help solve any issues that may arise from a point of view that this is the couple’s first big project as a family in wedlock and for that reason it’s best to keep everyone involved calm, happy and satisfied.”

If you had one piece of advice for a bride and groom, what would it be?
“My advice is to be authentic and true to yourself, planning a wedding is a great opportunity to work as a team and to learn a lot about each other, some will find this time to be great fun and full of wonderful memories, while others will not enjoy it as much, but ultimately after the party is over; the two people who need to be in harmony and ready to take on a new life are the bride and groom. When planning the wedding I suggest for the bride and groom to come to an agreement on how much of the work load they’re each willing and able to take on, so that when they meet with the event planner, they feel comfortable asking for what they wish to have accomplished.

Here’s one little gift for the brides:
Avoid last-minute mishaps by preparing a bag or basket in the bridal suite for you and your bridesmaids. Include: Aspirin or Advil, band-aids, chalk or white medical tape (for hiding smudges on white graphic), clear nail polish (for snagged hosiery), compact powder, eye drops, toothpaste, toothbrush, tampons, deodorant, gum or mints, hairbrush, hair spray, lipstick or lip balm, lotion, needle & thread, notepad & pen, safety pins and tissues.”

To contact Priscilla, visit her website.
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