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Vancity Vendor – Black Tie Rings

March 23rd, 2012 by Jeannine

Vancity Vendor: Black Tie Rings

If gold is just not your groom’s style, or even in your budget, have you ever considered an alternative metal like tungsten carbide? They are much more affordable than gold and it’s becoming more popular with men because of its strength and durability. A local company called Black Tie Rings can help you with your selection. Owners, Brandon Heuser and Andrea Todd run this online business and have created rings for many Vancouver couples in the last 3 years.

It all started when Brandon was looking for his own wedding band. He loved the look and strength of the tungsten carbide, but he felt that there weren’t many great options for purchasing these types of rings. In his search, he found that some stores had a poor selection or if they had any, they were overpriced. Eventually, his entrepreneurial instincts kicked in and the rest was history.

The Black Tie Rings product line features Tungsten Carbide rings in 2 colours (natural grey Tungsten and a lighter White Tungsten) and in a variety of styles, ranging from classic to modern and edgy. They also include rings with inlaid carbon fibre, silver and gold as well as lighter weight ceramic rings. They also offer a service called the “Black Tie Finish,” which gives a Tungsten Carbide ring a glossy black colour while keeping all the other desirable properties. As for ring designs, they provide options unique to Black Tie Rings  but also have a great variety of classic and popular styles. If that’s still not up your alley, they can customize a ring for you! When sourcing out their rings, their main goal is to bring in the best quality rings at affordable prices and they are also careful not use binding agents that can tarnish or irritate the skin.

The ordering process is very simple. First, find out your ring size. Black Tie Rings offers free ring sizers on their website which can be mailed to you. Once you know your size, just choose your desired ring in the proper size, add it to your shopping cart, and pay by Paypal or credit card. If the ring is in stock, they can mail it out to you as quickly as the next business day via Canada Post. If the ring is unavailable, it can take a few weeks for it to be crafted before it will be sent out to you. Black Tie Rings is local and they will gladly meet up with you so you can see the rings for yourself – much better than just looking at a product shot online! They have the customer’s best interests in mind by offering a money-back guarantee in case the ring isn’t what they expected. In addition, clients get free lifetime size exchanges and even a replacement policy in the event the ring becomes damaged.

Be sure to like Black Tie Rings on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. They offer promos throughout the year and they may even do ring giveaways!

Black Tie Rings will be at the Fraser Valley Wedding Swap this Sunday, March 25th – pop by and say hi!

A Few Words With Brandon and Andrea…

What do you offer for brides with lower budgets?
“We try and stay competitive at all times and we offer amazing prices on classic and simple ring designs. Additionally, by sneaking around our facebook page or following us on twitter, you can find discount codes to take even more off the price or make note of pending sales and special offers. We also love having giveaways and you can bet if we’re at a wedding fair or wedding swap in the lower mainland, one of the door prizes will be a Black Tie Ring of your choosing!”

What sets you apart from others in the same field?
B: “First of all, as far as we know we’re the only Canadian company focusing exclusively on Tungsten Carbide rings. Without trying to sound too patriotic, we primarily market to Canadians and love focusing on our hometown crowd!

Additionally, we work hard to give customers the best experience possible from start to finish and though it sounds like a cliché to mention customer service, we really do treat all our customers as if they were friends. It’s important to consider the intensity of an upcoming wedding and the stress the bride and groom are already under. We work hard to alleviate a little bit of that stress… and we succeed. We get constant praise from customers thanking us for being the easiest and most stress-free part of their wedding plan!”

Why do people choose your products?
B: “Customers come to us because we can offer everything they need; a safe purchase online, lifetime support and care, an excellent selection of beautiful products and of course prices that will make you smile.”

What is the advantage of tungsten carbide over traditional metals like gold or platinum?
B: “Tungsten Carbide offers a number of advantages over traditional softer metals, first of all the hardness. At a hardness level of 9 on the Mohs scale, it is even harder than Titanium (6). This means that it will withstand a lot of abuse without scratching, bending or losing the famous polished shine. Though this is more of a personal preference, the dark gun-metal grey colour is also unique to Tungsten Carbide and is a popular choice for men looking for something a little different than the classic light colour from Silver, White Gold or Titanium. Guys who work with their hands and play a lot of sports really love the durability and the unique look is eye-catching for guys who don’t mind a little attention of their own. We like to tease fiancées that Tungsten Carbide’s extra weight on the fingers of their men means that their husbands-to-be will never be able to forget that they’re married!”

How easily can you remove the ring from a person’s finger should an emergency occur?
B: “It’s an unfortunate rumor that people think you can’t remove Tungsten Carbide rings in an emergency because it’s simply not true. Removal is safe and easy and requires no saws or dangerous tools at all, and in fact can be done with your spare hand in the event of an emergency or injury. Hospitals know how to remove them and it just takes a set of vice grips; a tool almost all men have in their tool kits. For detailed info please check out our website!”

What is your most popular style?
A: “Our most popular styles are Ignis, a black plated ring, Mirabilis, with its unmistakable Carbon Fiber inlay and Verus, a classy and pure Tungsten Carbide design. That those styles are so different from each other is a testament to the importance of having a great selection for your customers.”

What do you enjoy most about your job?
“I personally love the fact that I get to communicate with people from all across Canada and the United States. It is really interesting to talk to people from all over the country especially to help them find just what they are looking for.”

B: “Another thrill is hearing how much customers love our rings and how we have been such an important part of their wedding. We may not have brought the couples together, but we think we help them stay that way and what a wonderful feeling that is!”

If you had one piece of advice for a bride and groom, what would it be?
B & A: “Just be honest. It may seem too simple, but if you trust each other enough to be open about everything, you will never face a problem alone. No matter what happens, as long as you have trust from honesty you will always make the best decision for the both of you.”

To contact Black Tie Rings, visit their website.
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Photos courtesy Jennica Hookstra Photography & Black Tie Rings
All photos provided by Black Tie Rings

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