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Vancity Vendor:
Agnew Makeup Artistry

February 26th, 2016 by Jeannine

Vancity Vendor: Charlene Agnew Makeup Artistry

Charlene Agnew From the stage to the bridal room, Charlene Agnew has found her element. She started off in theatre and was asked to help out backstage by doing the makeup of actresses on show nights. She loved this process so much that she decided to put herself through makeup school and chose the wonderful world of weddings as her field. Here, she can continue to be creative and work in a positive and exciting environment, all the while interacting with her wonderful clients. It’s been 4 years and counting, with many more beautiful brides to come.

Agnew Makeup Artistry offers bridal makeup for $100 and $80 for bridesmaids and mother of the bride. This rate includes makeup application, travel, parking, and lashes. Makeup trials are available for a fee. If you’re looking for more of a celebrity treatment for the day, you can avail of her Charlene Agnew Makeup Artistry “Beck and Call girl… Makeup Artist” service which allows you to have her do makeup for up to 8 people (including the bride) all day, a look change for the bride and help you out throughout the day on little errands… perhaps a Starbucks or snack run? Things do get a little hectic sometimes, and she could be a great help. This service starts at $1,000.

If you’d like to find out more about Charlene, feel free to visit her website and social media links below:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Don’t miss her at the Original Bridal Swap on April 3rd! More on this coming soon :)

Charlene Agnew Makeup Artistry

A Few Words With Charlene…

Charlene Agnew Photography What do you have to offer for brides with lower budgets?
“I believe my rates are fair and reasonable. I often will get asked why I am charging so little. I set a rate which is fair to my experience, the products I use, my time and training.”

What sets you apart from others in the same field?
“My personality sets me apart. I do have a fairly good sense of humour, with a bubbly and happy persona. I pride myself on being professional: showing up on time, being prepared, having clean brushes, sterilized tools, working within the time allotted, being an energetic, positive presence.”

What brands of products do you like to use? Why did you choose them?
“I love to use Dior for skin. I have their airbrush foundation which looks so good, Charlene Agnew Makeup Artistry even on skin with breakouts. I get the airbrush look without the cumbersome machine. I love the Marc Jacobs gel liner, and Stila liners. I use Make Up For Ever for eyeshadows because of their intensity and a mix bag of blushes, everything from Dior to Ben Nye cream blush. I make sure my kit is full of quality, waterproof, long lasting makeup. Brides and bridal parties are paying me to not only make them look fantastic, but the makeup must last all day, through sweat and tears. A bride contacting me about a how well the makeup lasted. During pictures, her sister fell in the lake; her dress soaked, her hair ruined, but the makeup did NOT move!”

How do you determine what look is best for each person?
“Many times brides come with pictures of looks they like, which is helpful as I get to see colours, and intensity of look the bride Charlene Agnew Makeup Artistry is drawn to.  I’ll ask questions like, ‘would you like an eye focus or lip focus?’ from there I can take the brides’ preferences into account. I’ll look at skin tone, eye colour, and whether the bride wears makeup on a daily basis.”

If a client wants a certain style but you can tell it doesn’t make them look great, how would you deal with that situation?
“If a client suggests a look which I feel would not highlight them the best I would suggest an alternative look and the reasons why I think it would suit them. It’s like any argument/case to make-if you have valid reasons why, then you might just change minds! However if a client wants what they want, then I will give it to them because ultimately I want to make them happy.”

Charlene Agnew Makeup Artistry What is your favourite bridal look and why?
“There are two ways to look at bridal makeup; ‘I want to look like the best, most polished version of myself’. This look is clean, natural, and timeless. I do not disagree with it and am tempted by it if I were to get married. The other philosophy is ‘I don’t get married every day, this is not ‘any ol’ day.’ These brides want something special. A bright lip, a dark eye-they want to feel like it is a special day, like no other. I can’t argue with this either. I love doing bright lips. A bright lip looks so good in pictures. Makes the bride really stand out. I love both equally. You know, like if they were my children.”

What do you enjoy most about your job?
“I love chatting with people but I get a lot of satisfaction from watching final reveal. Most of the time, I’m doing makeup in a living room, and the bride does not see herself through the process. I love seeing the moment when they get to see the whole picture. It is fulfilling.”

Charlene Agnew Makeup Artistry

What should your clients expect when they have their bridal consultation with you?
“A bride should expect questions! I encourage clients to come with pictures, and ideas. Do not be afraid to speak up and ask for changes. I am never insulted and will always be happy to make changes if the bride wants. I will ask questions about daily makeup routine, inspiration words, past makeup experiences.  If a bride says ‘natural’ I will know to go pretty light but if a bride says, ‘stand-out or dramatic’ I will know they are wanting more makeup.”

If you had one piece of advice for a bride and groom, what would it be?
“Weddings are expensive and the day goes so fast. Do everything you can to make sure you remember the day. Hire people you are comfortable with, you can have fun with. Know when to blow the budget and what you can make compromises on.”

Charlene Agnew Makeup Artistry

All photos provided by Charlene Agnew

Photographer credits: Union Photographers (Feature Photo), M.and Him Photography, Iulia Agnew Fotografie

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