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Randy Fenoli Invades Isabelle’s Bridal!

January 23rd, 2012 by Jeannine

Randy Fenoli Invades Isabelle's Bridal!

Today’s the day many lucky Vancouver brides are waiting for… the chance to have the one and only Randy Fenoli, Fashion Director at Kleinfeld Bridal and star of TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress, assist in searching for their dream dress at Isabelle’s Bridal!

And Vancity Bride is on location!

That’s right, I will be tweeting – Facebooking – and blogging so you can get a glimpse behind the scenes and see Randy and the Isabelle’s girls in action!

If you want to stay updated…

So let’s get this day started! Updates to come soon!!

Update: 11 AM

It’s been a party at Isabelle’s Bridal and it’s only 11 AM! The brides are excited, The Wedding Belles are here, Tanya from Le Gateau Bakeshop is giving out cupcakes and there’s a DJ pumping out some tunes! Had a brief chat with Randy Fenoli and he said he loves this city and all the people he’s met so far – a great first time visit… now for some pics!

Here’s Randy and I – he’s an amazing person and he called me beautiful! *gush*

Randy knows how to start the day right… with a party!!!

It’s time to get started – Randy chatting with one of his first brides!

Update: 12 PM

It’s lunch time but why take a break when Randy’s on a roll?? 3 girls so far have said YES to their dresses and they couldn’t be happier!

Le Gateau Bakeshop Cupcakes at the shop – having the red velvet with cream cheese right now and it’s amazing!

Update: 1PM

Some girls walking by Isabelle’s Bridal recognized Randy through the window and since he’s such a great guy, he stepped outside to give them hugs and took some photos with them!

And as I type this… I hear some more cheers – I guess another bride has said YES to the dress!

Update: 1:30 PM

Here’s Randy signing his book for a happy bride!

Randy has also been answering the phone today on occasion and has probably surprised callers!

Update: 2:30 PM

It’s been a blast here at Isabelle’s Bridal – lots of happy brides coming and going… very happy that they got their dress and that they met Randy himself. Here are a few pics of Randy and his fans.

sheets for brides – love the flower pen

All brides received an autographed copy of Randy’s book, “It’s All About the Dress” – You can buy your copy here at Isabelle’s Bridal.

Photographer Kim of Maru Photography was on hand to take the official photos of the brides with Randy.

2 Scoops Productions is playing tunes ALL DAY! Fun!!!

Finally got a chance to meet the lovely Sarah and Aubrey from The Wedding Belles – they were here filming a segment so watch for it on Shaw or their Youtube channel.

The Last Update of the Day!

Lots of tunes…

Lots of hugs…

The Summary of an Awesome Day

At 10AM, I arrived at Isabelle’s Bridal and it was buzzing with activity. The Wedding Belles and their camera crew were there for some preliminary shooting, Aman from 2 Scoops Productions was setting up his DJ table, Kim Maru of Maru Photography was prepping for the long day of shooting, Tanya of Le Gateau Bake Shop arrived, cupcakes in tow… and all of a sudden the Isabelle’s girls emerged from the back room with none other than Randy Fenoli himself. Yes, I was starstruck but I had to compose myself  :P Cheri Hamm, one of the owners of the shop, introduced me to Randy and he was just so nice and so polite, just as he is on Say Yes to the Dress. I knew this was going to be an exciting day. I set up my computer in the back room and all of a sudden I heard the music pumping and people cheering… I was like what the? There I saw Randy jumping up and down dancing with everyone in the salon, it was awesome – what a great way to start the day! Brides kept pouring in and Randy would check in on each of them, giving some great advice and recommendations. Each bride would then get to walk down the “Isabelle’s Bridal Aisle” – basically the middle of the store towards the full length mirror and that’s where Randy would ask that question everyone wants to know… “Are you going to say yes to this dress?” When the bride says “Yes!” everybody applauded and music would pump up in celebration. Each bride and her entourage left with smiles on their faces and lots of fond memories from this once in a lifetime experience. The staff at Isabelle’s Bridal were pros, on their feet for pretty much 8 hours straight but still gave the brides the highest quality service. In the time I was there, I didn’t see a disappointed face. Clearly everyone had a wonderful time, including Randy himself.

Thank you Randy for sharing your time with Vancouver’s brides today. It was awesome to meet you and hope you come back for a visit soon!

To Cheri and Mona Hamm of Isabelle’s BridalTHANK YOU so much for letting me have this unique opportunity. I’ve had a fantastic day blogging and tweeting for you. 

For more photos, visit Maru Photography’s blog.

All photos courtesy Vancity Bride except for last photo, which is by Maru Photography

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