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July 8th, 2011 by Jeannine

Rose's Flowers & Gifts

Rosalba Fasan-Buffat has always had a green thumb and a passion for weddings, but it was her sister who pushed her into the right direction. It was she who suggested that Rosalba take some floral design courses, and wouldn’t you know it? Rosalba loved it. In 2002, she made a life-changing decision to quit her day job and pursue this new career, which eventually blossomed into quite a successful venture.

Fiorire Custom Florals provides customized floral designs to make any occasion (especially weddings) extra special. Her creations are inspired by anything and everything: her peers, wedding decor, the cake, and once, even a bride’s shoes got the creative juices flowing! To make the bouquet extra special she has many embellishments to choose from like ribbons, feathers, and gems (even Swarovski crystals). You dream it, she can make it happen, she says! Check out her Facebook page from time to time in case she has any promotions on the go :) She’s also active on Twitter so follow her and see what she’s up to!

Rosalba was recently featured in WedLuxe Magazine’s Garden Party Glam feature.
Check it out, it’s gorgeous!

A Few Words With Rosalba…

What sets you apart from others in the same field?
“Everything I offer is customized specifically to the couple and their dream.  If their budget is tight I make suggestions that work to give them the same feel without the cost.  My main goal is to ensure that the couples get what they want with the budget they have and not what I think fits into their budget.”

What do you enjoy most about your job?
“I love getting the bride that says she doesn’t know anything about flowers or what she wants and when she leaves she says ‘that wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought-kinda fun!’  but of course there is always that moment when I hand the bride her bouquet and she LOVES it and her eyes light up – it just makes my heart sing :)

What flowers would you suggest for brides with lower budgets?
“I love carnations, no really I do! We’re not talking the 1970’s blue with a sprig of baby’s breath here – I mean the en masse in bold arrangements. They come in hundreds of colours, have a soft scent, last forever and cost a fraction of a rose. If you cluster them together they are soft and frilly and only a carnation can give you that look. I also like spider mums (a little modern in their shape and a large bloom), dendrobium orchids (great substitute for a costly stephanotis), tulips (in season), button mums and dahlias (a great large bloom that can mimic a peony and again comes in a bunch of colours). There are tons of other great options too it just depends on your look and time of year.”

What was the most unique arrangement you’ve created for a wedding?
“A couple of years ago I was asked to create a ‘wall’ of lilies for the bridal copy to get married in front of.  We used a garden arch painted white and strung over 200 blooms of white oriental lilies and strands of ivy – it was so, so pretty!”

What are your favourite flowers to work with and why?
“I don’t have one favourite, I love the flower that is perfect for the couple and their look.  I try to suggest flowers that work with the couple and ‘make sense to them’ – in turn I love that flower at that moment.”

How do you stay competitive when it comes to pricing?
“I offer a quality product and try to offer the best customer service anywhere.  If you have a half-dead product it’ll look like a half-dead product and that serves no one any money.  With my time I listen to the couples and really try and understand their vision and will make suggestions to fit that.  If  a bride loves peonies but is getting married in the fall I suggest dahlias or a few carnations together offer the same ‘fluffy’ feeling.”

Describe a real life situation when you had to deal with a low budget bride. How did you make her dream bouquet come true?
“Everyone is on a budget, yet to meet a bride not on one, but there are some that are tighter than others.  I had a bride that wanted a big fluffy bouquet but didn’t have the budget for a bouquet of peonies-I suggested carnations and she LOVED it!  The bouquet was exactly what she wanted but at a fraction of the cost.”

If you had to make a bridal bouquet for $50, what flowers would it include?
“Hydrangea, (although you need to be careful with them because they wilt very quickly and are not always the best option), carnations, dahlias (in season), tulips, spider mums and button mums.”

If you had one piece of advice for a bride and groom, what would it be?
“Couples need to understand that there are floral designers at every price point – the main thing to look for is someone that you can connect with and really understands your vision.  Flower choices and budgets can be worked but personalities are set in stone and if you have problems with your vendors before your wedding the day of your wedding will be filled with unnecessary stress and, hopefully not, disappointment.”

To contact Rosalba, visit her website.
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Photos courtesy Mischa Bartkow Photography, Lucida PhotographyMatch Studio, and Cora’s Photography. Mouse over each photo to identify the photographer.
All Photos Provided By Fiorire Custom Florals

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