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Vancity Vendor – Sunflower Florist

June 3rd, 2011 by Jeannine

Sunflower Florist

Today you’ll meet a remarkable woman who has worked so hard to give her family a better life, while at the same time making her mark in the Vancouver wedding industry. May Tahmasebi, a veteran florist with over 20 years of experience, is the owner and operator of Sunflower Florist in Yaletown. Back in her home country of Iran in 2002, tragedy struck their family. Their daughter was involved in a car accident and was left paralyzed. Determined to give their daughter a better life, the family immigrated to Canada, where May became the sole breadwinner, while her husband was at school upgrading his degree. All her hard work paid off and in 2005, with the help and support of her family, she opened Sunflower Florist, and has had success ever since.

May specializes in floral design for weddings and other special occasions. Persian wedding arrangements such as the Sofreh Aghd are also her forté. To dress up your bouquet, she has a variety of embellishments like gems, buckles, and feathers, just to name a few. Promotions are offered from time to time, just “like” her Facebook page or follow her on twitter to receive updates. You don’t have to wait for a promotion to come around, though, because she is willing to work with any budget and will do her best to create your vision. May likes to be inspired by designs in the latest wedding magazines and books by world class florists, so she has the flexibility of being able to do both modern and traditional arrangements. Her next goal is for Sunflower Florist to become a “one stop wedding shop.” Who knows, with her work ethic, that may not be too far into the future :)

Check out Erin Gilmore’s blog for recent photos of May’s work.

A Few Words With May…

What flowers do you suggest for brides with lower budgets?
“Mums and carnations, because they are cheap but I can doing amazing centerpieces with them. Also for budget brides I recommend roses and fillers like wax flowers.”

What sets you apart from others in the same field?
“I work with any budget. I always come up with different alternatives to make the bride’s dream come true.”

What do you enjoy most about your job?
“When I see smile on a bride’s face. Putting smile on people’s face makes me realize that all my effort worth it.”

What was the most unique arrangement you’ve created for a wedding?
“1- From an Indian wedding. It was featured in Wedluxe magazine.

2- When my daughter got married this year. I almost lost her on 2002 and now here she was 8 years later getting married. I cried the whole time.”

What are your favourite flowers to work with and why?
“Hydrangea, cymbidium orchids, it can make any arrangement elegant.”

How do you stay competitive when it comes to pricing?
“I never sacrifice the quality to stay competitive. However, when I have a budget bride, I try to reduce the cost by using different vases, different flowers, so she can get what she wants and does not go over her budget.”

Describe a real life situation when you made a low budget bride’s dream bouquet come true.
“I had a budget bride who had a Halloween theme wedding. After hours of going through different alternatives, we ended up making her vision come true by using different flowers but same color. I also taught her a few DIY tricks so she can save more money. She ended up under budget, and sent me big thank you notes a month later.”

If you had one piece of advice for a bride and groom, what would it be?
“Try to enjoy every minute of your day.”

To contact May, please visit her website.
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Photos provided by Sunflower Florist 

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