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DIY Bride & Groom Cookie Favors

July 18th, 2011 by Jeannine

Sarah's Bride & Groom Cookies

A Vancity Bride reader wanted to share a DIY project idea for the bride who loves to bake. Sarah Bergreen made these cute little bride and groom cookies to give away as wedding favors for her wedding just over two years ago. She searched online and found other pricier variations of bride and groom cookies, so being an avid baker herself, she made a practice batch, which turned out so well that she decided to make all the cookies herself. She found the sugar cookie and icing recipes online and bought her food colouring from the Gourmet Warehouse. Each cookie was individually wrapped and laid out on a table where guests can just pick one up (or two apparently!) during the reception.

A Few Words With Sarah…

How long before the big day did you prepare the cookies?
“I baked and iced the cookies about a month in advance. I put them in large Tupperware containers with paper towel or wax paper in between the layers, and made room in the freezer. About two days before the wedding I took them out and let them thaw. (if you use paper towel take them out and lay them individually on a table as they thaw to avoid any sticking). Once thawed I put them in little bags with a ribbon and a thank you note.”

Do you have any tips for decorating that you can share?
“It’s a bit of trial and error. I’d strongly suggest setting aside some time to do a small practice batch. When piping the edge it’s a good idea to rest your arm against the table to ensure a steady hand. It’s a bit of a process, but piping the edges is key if you want a crisp look.

Did you save money by doing this?
“Hard to say. If time is money, then no. It took me the better part of two full days to make and ice the cookies. That said the ingredients are pretty cheap. Flour, icing sugar, eggs, food colouring…etc. I really enjoy making these cookies and have continued to make them as engagement and wedding gifts for friends. I think they’re a nice personal touch.”

Sarah’s Guide to Decorating the Cookies

“It’s important to pipe the outline first.
Once dry you can flood the centre with a thinner version of the same colour.”

“When doing the bride cookies I add a pearl necklace.”

“Once the outline is close to dry i use a thinner version of the white icing to flood the centre. Quick tip – use a white food colouring. White icing sugar icing without a white dye will appear translucent.”

“White sprinkles give the gown some pretty detail.”

“Be sure to allow the black tuxedo jacket to dry before filling in the white shirt. If the two colours mix you’ll get grey.”

The Finished Product

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All photos courtesy Vancity Bride

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