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Revealing… the Naked Cake

May 21st, 2014 by Jeannine

Revealing... the Naked Cake

Cake by Nicole McEachnie - photo by Lani Elias Photography I’m sure you have come across a cake like this before, during your search for the ultimate wedding cake. It’s called a Naked Cake, and it is definitely a unique dessert option which will surprise your guests and keep them talking (and eating!). Nicole McEachnie, a local pastry chef and owner of Cake by Nicole McEachnie, has made lots of naked cakes for her clients. Nicole says that naked cakes have become increasingly popular as more couples are opting for outdoor and rustic weddings. It pairs well with a natural environment and vintage décor. She shared some of her thoughts about the naked cake phenomenon including how it could be the right option for brides on a budget. Check out our Q&A here…

What is a Naked Cake?

Nicole: “A naked cake is a style of wedding cake where the layers are left undecorated upon stacking, and typically finished with the addition of fresh flowers or fruit.”

Cake by Nicole McEachnie - photo by Nadia Hung Photography How do you dress up a naked cake so it doesn’t look too plain?

Nicole: “Naked cakes can be as simple or as elaborate as you like, and I always suggest to clients that adding fresh flowers or fruit is a great way to dress up a naked cake. The wonderful part about naked cakes is even when left very simple the simplicity of seeing the layers of cake and buttercream contrasting against each other is often enough!”

Is it more finicky to set up on site?

Nicole: “Set up of naked cakes on site is very simple and comparable to the set up of a traditional cake. It is always important to remember to coordinate with your florist ahead of time to have the fresh flowers available to your cake designer the day of your wedding, should you be using fresh blooms.”

Cake by Nicole McEachnie - photo by Nadia Hung Photography What is the price difference between a naked cake and the usual fondant or buttercream cake?

Nicole: “Prices for naked cakes will vary between wedding cake shops and some wedding cake designers may or may not offer this option at a lower price. I personally offer naked cakes for as much as $4.00/serving lower than regular fondant or buttercream cakes as there is less labour and ingredients involved in this style. It is always best to inquire with different bakeries first to see whether they offer this discount on naked cakes.”

Who do you recommend a naked cake to?

Nicole: “I would recommend a naked cake to a couple who is either looking for more of a budget friendly option for their wedding cake or to a couple who wants a cake that is more rustic and organic in nature. Naked cakes bring a fresh aspect to a wedding and are a great accent to weddings that are held outdoors or have a vintage theme. It allows couples to not only have a delicious dessert at their wedding but still have that elegant wedding cake that your guests will never know was created on a budget!”

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with my readers Nicole. To find out more about Nicole and her cakes, please visit the following links below:

Cake by Nicole McEachnie website | Facebook | Twitter

Vendor bio: Nicole McEachnie is a red seal qualified pastry chef & owner of Cake by Nicole McEachnie, a boutique wedding cake company in Vancouver. Nicole has spent 8 years in the pastry industry creating desserts for high end hotels and private clubs and most recently spent time working in France. Cake by Nicole McEachnie focuses on using fresh local ingredients and innovative flavors in wedding and special occasion cakes.

All photos provided by Nicole McEachnie and courtesy Nadia Hung Photography and Lani Elias Photography (where mentioned).

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