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Vancity Vendor – Sweet Treats

June 1st, 2012 by Jeannine

Vancity Vendor: Sweet Treats Candy Buffets

Harjeet Grewall Sandhu is no stranger to the event industry. For 10 years she has been event planning, decorating, and baking, but eventually, her entrepreneurial instincts kicked in and she decided to focus on a niche: candy buffets. It combines her two passions: decorating and candy. Aptly named Sweet Treats, Harjeet creates eye catching candy and cake displays for weddings and other special occasions.

Her candy buffets are unique to each couple. One-on-one consultations are conducted with each client, in order for her to create a design that is truly theirs. Candy buffet packages start at $5.50 per person (minimum 30-40 people). If you want to step up your buffet a notch, she can also make wedding cakes and cupcakes for an extra fee. Delivery rates start at $30, depending on where you are located, but if your order is over $350, delivery charges will be waived! Harjeet takes your budget to heart and will do her best to create something amazing for what you can afford, it’s such an important occasion, after all!

If you’d like to satisfy your sweet tooth, you’ve got to order early. Harjeet prefers 3-4 months’ notice so she has more than enough time to design and source out your candy, but she can be flexible with last minute bookings if she has the capacity. She offers various promotions throughout the year, just be a fan on Facebook or follow her on Twitter to stay in the loop, but keep in mind… she does give discounts if you order a wedding cake/cupcakes along with your candy buffet! Contact her for a quote!

Sweet Treats also offers Breakfast Buffets – great for a morning after brunch!

A Few Words With Harjeet…

What do you have to offer for brides with lower budgets?
“I offer brides on a lower budget a variety of packages to choose from.  The base package allows individuals to customize, by adding on items without having to pay the same price as the next package.  I have kept my pricing reasonable as to cater to a variety of needs and budgets, therefore allowing all brides an affordable service.  I also try to work with a client’s budget as best as I can.  I do not want to compromise the quality of my service and product; therefore I am very transparent and honest with clients when trying to work with them and their budgets.”

What sets you apart from others in the same field?
“I go above and beyond to provide an elegant, chic piece of edible art to perfection.  I go the extra mile to incorporate accessories that fit the theme or colors to accent the Candy Buffet display.  I use high quality products and personally bake the cupcakes myself.  The products that are outsourced are done so in most cases to local companies.  Most individuals choose a candy buffet as part of their favors and or as additional accent to their event.  At Sweet Treats we also offer an additional service of personalized favors to place on individual tables that complement the Candy Buffet and décor.  In addition to the candy buffets I have recently added the Breakfast Buffet package where fresh seasonal fruit is your candy.  This package caters to those individuals looking for something healthy and unique yet elegant to serve their guests, whether it’s a morning bridal breakfast or part of your cocktail hour.

In addition I offer an option to have a person attended to replenish the candy buffet and serve your guests, which no other company does.  All of the packages can be upgraded and tweaked to the client needs.  I personalize the Candy Buffets to reflect the bride and groom, for example a personalized framed Candy Buffet sign with their names or initials.  I like to add in framed poems or sayings that have close meaning to the couple.  It is that additional personal creative touch that really sets me apart from others.”

Do the couples choose exactly which candy they want to have or do you ever come up with the whole spread yourself?
“When I work with the couple I try to get a sense of what types of candies they like or have a nostalgic connection with.  I then add on candies from there that fit the package and the design.  I also get to know what they don’t like as I would want to avoid any particular candies they are not fond of.”

Where do you source out your candy?
“The candies are purchased through multiple avenues, some are local and some are outsourced internationally as we do not get some of the more unique nostalgic candies that can be found around the world, locally here in Vancouver.  I have brought in chocolates from Europe and candies from the US and Australia. The candies can be catered to sugar free and kosher needs as well.”

What do you enjoy most about your job?
“I enjoy working with couples to unfold their vision for their Candy Buffet.  I also love planning and designing the Candy buffets to perfection, yes I am a perfectionist.  In addition to this I also enjoy shopping for the candies, gourmet items and baking the cupcakes.”

If you had one piece of advice for a bride and groom, what would it be?
“This is your big day, therefore make this day memorable!  Plan the event that you have been dreaming about for what must have felt like forever.  If you are on a budget be open and honest as then individuals like myself can try to work with you, so at least you can incorporate everything you wished for and make your day spectacular!  Marriage is like a box of chocolates, you never know which one you’re going to get, therefore try your best and always communicate.”

To contact Harjeet, visit her website.
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All photos provided by Sweet Treats
Photography credits: Brent Foster, Darcy Kreps, FM Photographics

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