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Tutorial: Download & Print’s Envelope to Pocketfold Hack

February 15th, 2016 by Jeannine

Tutorial: Download & Print's Envelope to Pocketfold Hack

I didn’t know that making your own pocketfold invitation would be this easy! Download & Print‘s designer Anna Skye has created an easy to follow tutorial for you to try out! All the supplies can be found at your local craft store.


If you like the look of the invitation in the photos, you can purchase the template for it (plus coordinating stationery templates) here at Download and Print. Or keep searching to find the affordable template that’s right for your event.

Step 1: Trim Flap

Trim the flap off a 4-bar envelope using scissors or a paper cutter.



Step 2: Trim Card Stock

The card stock needs to be trimmed to just taller than the invitation. If you are using a 5 x 7 invitation trim the card stock to about 7.5”. If you are using a square invitation, adjust the height accordingly.


Step 3: Punch Pocket

If you like the look of the decorative edge on the pocket, use your punch of choice and punch along the open edge. Adhere the pocket to the lower right corner of the cardstock. Using double sided tape is faster and less messy, without waiting for any glue to dry. However, you can use a glue stick or another type of adhesive if you prefer.


Step 4: Make First Fold

Grab your bone folder and get ready to make the first fold. A bone folder is an inexpensive tool and makes a difference when it comes to crisp creases. However, if you have another blunt but pointy tool you can use what you have on hand. Think closed mechanical pencil or blunt side of an x-acto knife. You are going to fold the card stock over the pocket, so start the crease with your bone folder and ruler along the inner edge of the pocket. Fold over the card and finish making a crisp crease.


Step 5: Mount Invitation

Using double sided tape again, mount the invitation next to the crease you just made. You can eyeball the placement, you are looking to have even spacing on each side of the invitation. Four pieces of tape should be sufficient to keep the invitation in place. Make another crease on the opposite side of the invitation and fold the flap across.


Step 6: Finish the Flap

Punch along the edge of the flap to create a decorative finish. This is again optional. It gives a custom look, yet we know there is no custom price tag! But if you want to save time, or don’t want to invest in a punch, you can leave all the edges square and you’ve still got a killer pocket for next to nothing.


The Finished Product

Wasn’t that easy? Pocketfolds are the best – all the information you need to convey can be included into one elegant little package.


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