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Vancity Vendor -
Made by Michelle Mark

March 16th, 2012 by Jeannine

Vancity Vendor: Made by Michelle Mark

Local designer Michelle Mark turned her love for scrapbooking and graphic design into a lucrative career. She used to make cards and invitations for her friends and now extended her services to lucky Metro Vancouver brides.

Made by Michelle Mark can satisfy your stationery needs from invitations of various shapes and sizes to menus, programs, seating charts, escort cards, thank you cards, tags for wish trees, and even a scrapbook-style guestbook. Invitations start at $3/set (invitation, RSVP, and envelope) for a flat card with a simple design. Embossed and 3D design cards start at $7+/set. Bulk discounts are available. All quotes include everything you need in your invitation, Michelle says there are no hidden fees.

Michelle works with each couple to create a design and monogram unique to them; however, if you order the exact same design as one of her portfolio cards, she’ll waive the design fee. There is also a DIY option available. If you wish to assemble invitations yourself, the cost of labour will be waived and all you’ll be paying for are the materials, design, and time.

To keep up with the latest trends, Michelle immerses herself in various wedding blogs and other invitation websites based in New York, that’s how she found inspiration for 3D cards (like the feature photo above with the white flowers). Check out more of her work by visiting her website, Facebook page, and follow her on Twitter.

A Few Words With Michelle…

What do you have to offer to brides with lower budgets?
“I have low overhead because I work from home. I also buy locally and in bulk so they’re a better pricing than if you go to a regular invitation shop. I do offer cheaper pricing out there because I have looked at the pricing out there, and I try to keep myself lower than them.”

What is your design style?
“It’s everywhere. If you want baby cards, it’s cute. If you want romantic then it’s elegant and extravagant… or you can do the modern and simple. So I think I can do all, for myself, I’m more modern. I like clean lines, but I’ve done some that are very loud and very busy as well. That’s why it’s custom, when I meet them I can get the sense who they are and what the style of the wedding is.”

What do you enjoy most about your job?
“I enjoy meeting the brides and just designing. Designing is the most fun part for me. It’s therapeutic just to put the stuff together, design it, meet people and find out about their style.”

What’s the most creative invitation you have made so far?
“It’s the one my friend’s friend asked me to do. She had a very couture wedding and that’s something I’ve never done before, like a vintage style card. She wanted it in a scroll-like invitation. So instead of a scroll, I changed it a bit and made it more like a flat card but with a bride and groom in the front and a lot of lace. On her veil, it’s actually tulle with crystal on it. It matches her card and matched everything I made for her. It was definitely something very unique and something I always remember because it’s so out of my box.”

What kind of card do u prefer to make?
“I prefer flat cards. I wouldn’t say they’re easier to do but they’re quicker. With the pocketfolds, there’s so much to it, like the inserts and the monogram, so it’s a lot more labour intensive. With flat cards, you can definitely get the same appeal but it’s just not as much labour involving it.”

If you had one piece of advice to give to the bride and groom, what would it be?
“I would definitely say shop around, so you know what you’re looking for. Definitely know your style, because a lot of brides come to me and they say they don’t care what colour, and just to start with that is really hard. I like brides to know their style and what they like so I can work off of that.”

To contact Michelle, visit her website.
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All photos provided by Michelle Mark

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